Sunday, 19 November 2017

Arting about

Life documented 

.Week 46 with Julie Leggett

Prompt: A doodle week in colour incorporating a tip in and tag.

Technique: Use any pens of your choice

Quote: 'Just trying to find some colour in a black and white world' Anonymous 

Journal 52


The provision of what is necessary for the health, welfare, maintenance, and protection of the self.

Synonyms: Safekeeping, protection, succour, concern, consideration, thought, regard for the self. Prompt: Create a spread that celebrates your self-care practices or explores the lack thereof. List your current self-care practices in a journal spread. Paint yourself as a young self, needing your care and protection. Oracle: What are your self-care needs at this time? What does your body want from you? Your heart? Your mind? How can self-care assist you in doing your work in the world? How can you be gentler with yourself?

Art prompts galore 

 NOV 13-19: Tea// Scavenger: metallic colours, piece of game score card, stamping with random household object, scrap paper from your scrap box, something to do with music,a quote, make marks with a marker/doodle,ink from a source other than a normal pen,numbers, piece from an envelope

Life documented 

Week 46 with Julie Leggett

Prompt: A doodle week in colour incorporating a tip in and tag.

Technique: Use any pens of your choice

Quote: 'Just trying to find some colour in a black and white world' Anonymous 

I wrapped rubber bands around a stamp block to do my background & different colour inks.

And finally the inchie this week is hedgehog 

Thursday, 16 November 2017

And eight

....comes close on the heels of my Funkie Junkie post of yesterday!

Here's Linda's tag...

As always sponsored by

And I've chosen to go with the snowflakes background, no banner but a band in the centre, a large layered snowflake to which I have added "frost" and a leaping deer. I had several papers that seemed appropriate for this card so I decided to make 2 cards and get a little ahead with the card making lol.
The lighter colour papers have been edged using distress ink in "chipped sapphire "

So all that remains is for me to link this up & invite you to go across to and see what the other people have been doing!

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Number seven

Funkie Junkie card time....and here is Linda's contribution to the challenge sponsored by her shop 
I had a trawl through my papers and scraps and came up with several options 

The one I'm linking at has the green & blue check, frame & greeting as well as some foliage + Pine cone & the important deer

Then we have a green & red version with frame, greeting, poinsettia as well as foliage and cones....

And a third version that's a touch more masculine somehow, again in red and green with the frame & greeting but this time with some foliage & a die cut bow.

I also cut a green/purple tartan paper & holographic frame/greeting a Di do have a bow that will work with it but I remain undecided about pursuing this one!

So I'm linking number one and moving on to consider my options for the current card, see you all soon

Saturday, 11 November 2017

This week

Journal 52

 BOUNDARIES: Something (such as a river, a fence, or an imaginary line) that shows where an area ends and another area begins. A point or limit that indicates where two things become different. Synonyms: Limit, confine, extent, limitation, line, edge. Prompt: Create a spread that explores your current boundaries. What will you *not* stand for? What lines will you not allow anyone to cross? Oracle: Where are you needing better boundaries? Looser ones? What is your relationship with the word ‘no’? With the word ‘yes’?

Colour me positive 

No matter how educated, talented, rich or cool you believe you are, how you treat people ultimately tells all. Integrity is everything

Art journal journey 

  1. Image: stars/ space/ rocket. Word: infinite . Prompt: what gives you hope. Technique: use aluminium foil on your page. Quote: the power of imagination makes us infinite (Romtam Kangsawiwat) 

It's been a strange week....this was our night sky on Wednesday- sadly I didn't see it and the following day was our good friend Pete 's funeral......a glorious farewell!

Another  ending has also been announced....every inchie Monday finishing at the end of the year, I shall miss those small pieces s I may well go back over the missing couple of year and do the missed ones!

This week our word is goose

A little blurry I, afraid!

Here's hoping I can get some more art done this week....

Monday, 6 November 2017


Journal 52

 LINEAGE. Lineal descent from an ancestor. Ancestry. The line of descendantsof a particular ancestor. Family. Synonyms:Clan, descent, genealogy, origins, kin, line, tribe. Prompt:Create a spread that pays homage to someone in one of your chosen lineages, be that familial, artistic, or spiritual. As you work, keep that person in mind. Oracle: Whose shoulders do you stand upon? What strength can you draw from your lineage? What messages might your lineage have for you at this time? What part of your lineage is asking for your attention?

Art journal journey 
Image: flower or vase/ Word: elegant/ prompt: what are some qualities or personality traits you admire/ technique: finger paint. Quote: Elegance is good taste and a dash of daring  (Carmel snow)

Life documented 

Week 45 with Monica Smith​

The theme is changing colors, colors of your life.  We hadn't picked one yet so Monica used a lot of color but went with friends.

Prompt:       Start with a black background

Technique:  Using Black Gesso on white card stock

Quote:         “Friends are Flowers In the Garden of Life” Mary Engelbreit

Art prompts galore 

NOV. 6-12: Shapes//SCAVENGER:beige/tan, blue, a bird image, security envelope insides, circles, stripes, dots, postal ephemera, something from your stash, 3 words

The weather has gone from a sunny but frosty start to a dismal wet! I'm glad I'm indoors though no art is happening....I'm updating files on the computer!

Sunday, 5 November 2017


I have managed to get all six of Linda's tags made up as cards ready for Christmas and a new design will be released today so I look forward to seeing what ideas she's had for this! 

Her shop sponsors the challenge every year and I apologise if my link is not working properly - it did on the first card but I appear to be having problems linking :-(

Linda's image 

This is actually number 5 if taken in published order but as I screwed up yesterday with my images....

I have gone with the "logs" background and some stamped postmarks, stamped a large stags head onto cream card and aged the edges before mounting with brads onto a dark red piece of card. I came across some holly sprigs that I diecut last year but never used so they have also been added and some tine cream pearls as berries.

This is linked to Linda's post so please go and see what others have been creating.

I have done some journal pages and have more or less caught up with my backlog...


Image: batteries. Word:  energise. Prompt: live in the moment- journal about what is on your mind at the moment. Technique: use plastic wrap to create texture. Quote: energy flows where attention goes.


  1. It’s hard to imagine that one person can make a difference in the world. Sometimes I think it is easier to believe that this is true, if you bring your thoughts closers to home.Instead of thinking of ‘how can I make a difference in the world?’, why not start with ‘how can I make a difference in ?????’s life?’. If this seems too big, then why not start with ‘how can I make a difference in ?????’s day?’ (Obviously the question marks represent someone’s name. Whoever you choose.)

Just making someone smile can have a huge impact on the rest of the day. Why not smile at someone today?

This one came with a very weird quote!

  1. Believe in what you want so much, that it has no choice but to materialise 


and as it's Monday there's my inchie to share too....owl which was a favourite of my mum's 

And five

Time for another card in the sponsored challenge 

This is Linda's tag...

And like a good girl I have gone with a similar colour scheme!

A free red paper background & an embossed white piece of card that I was given lord only knows when! I have punched a couple of different snowflakes from it, added a leaping wooden deer, a glittering snowflake, some shrink plastic mittens, a greeting and some sequins for a little extra bling...

I've also done number 6 but I shall save that for tomorrow which is when the next tag will be revealed- I can't believe I'm up to date in this challenge!
I just need to link this to Linda's blog and why not go check out the other entries whilst you are at it.