Monday, 16 April 2018


Our weather has seen a slight improvement so I've been in the garden!

Colour me positive 

Art journal journey 

Image: books. Word: wisdom. Prompt: think of a book you like. Write a brief summary or write about what you like about the book. Technique: incorporate book text. Quote: The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you. B.B. King


 APRIL 9-15: The ties that bind// Pale blue, colour of your choice, person, paint stamped with random object, napkin, thread/yarn/fibre, paint applied with credit card edge, triangles, something from the kitchen, key.

Every inchie Monday

This week we are on the African continent in the top right corner....

Egypt .....pyramids & sphinx, mummies & tomb robbers, endless gods (Seth , Thoth,Horus,Osiris etc) Nefertiti & Tutenkhamun, the nile & its ancient sites, fellucca, Oum Khalsoum the singer, Omar Sharif 

I give you a map, flag & the Sphinx in front of the pyramids.

That's all for now folks....

Sunday, 8 April 2018


And more photos to go with the post further down the page!



Quote book



Art journal journey 

Art prompts galore 


Every inchie Monday 


Drives me nuts! You spend time typing everything up, add your photos, press publish....nothing there!
And so you start again....nothing!
Repeat....and get text but no photos!
Repeat.....same again.....
So this is a test....
Here's Brodie 


I never got round to finishing my dictionary pages last year & it would seem like no other group is doing any so I thought that I would just do one occasionally - today was one of those days! F was missing and I had a stamp sitting to one side that is destined for a friend of mine’s activity group - it was just what I needed!


Art prompts galore 

April 2-April 8: beginning// scavenger: A colour you are currently wearing, the colour of your vehicle, napkins, label, an item from your stash, a pocket, Washi tape, paper bag, something curved, something from a recent shopping trip.

I managed all bar the pocket and the paper bag this week. The colours are taken from the t-shirt I was wearing which is like the one shown but I had my long sleeved version on as it was snowing again that day!

Shannon has decided to add another theme to the group using quotes and I have the perfect notebook for these, someone sent me an adorable little one in happy mail a while's destiny is settled!

Colour me positive 

Bright pink frame. Image: crazy lights. Quote: embrace the glorious mess you are (Elizabeth Gilbert)

Art journal journey 

Image: flowers. Word: fragile. Prompt: write about growing something. Technique: incorporate flowers into your page, they can be real, drawn, painted, stickers etc. Quote: The most fragile hearts carry the strongest souls.

Life documented 

Week 14 with Linda-lee Wares

Theme:  Rejuvenation - butterflies

Prompt:  To create journal cards and paper clips using what you have.

Technique: To incorporate stamping and use of scraps into your process.

Quote:  Just as a bird sings or the butterfly soars, because it is his natural characteristic, so the artist works.  Alma Gluck

Every inchie Monday 

This week we are in Peru, South America! Llamas & alpaca  as well as coffee are amongst the country's natural resources. It's rich in history too being the home of Machu Pichu. The source of the Amazon when many an adventure has taken place!

I'm sharing map, flag & stepped pyramid for this country.

I have also made birtcards this week for my granddaughter 

And my grandson 

And so to close with news that we went to see the puppies again on Saturday and chose our little boy who will be known as Brodie. Here he is!

Sunday, 1 April 2018

April showers

Colour me positive 

Medium mauve frame. Image: leaping figure. Quote: If you want to fly you've got to give up all those things that are weighing you down.

Art journal journey 

Image: boots/shoes. Word: grounded. Prompt: list 5 adjectives & use then in a story, poem or journal entry. Technique: incorporate footprints or shoes on your page. Quote: keep your feet on the ground when your head is in the clouds/ the thing that keeps you grounded is doing the things you love.

Life documented 

  1. April theme: rejuvenation  - butterflies. Prompt:  To recreate a collage using butterflies. Technique:  Use scrap papers and whatever you have in your stash - make it emerge into something quite beautiful!  Quote:  Never Lose hope, the butterfly is proof that beauty can emerge from something completely falling apart.  Jane Lee Loga

Paper scraps from my desk, diecut butterflies using positive & negative 



MARCH 26-APRIL 1: baubles, beads and buttons// scavenger: Blue, yellow, something that starts with M, torn pieces of patterned paper, splashes of white paint, something from your stash, postage stamp, three words, random marks.

Every inchie Monday 
This week we are back in Europe and a country much closer to me although I have only ever been there once way back in the mists of time.....we had a stopover in Frankfurt on our maiden flight to Libya back in July 1960!

Germany ......frauleins & beer steins, Bavarian beer cellars & Adolf Hitler, Berlin's Brandenburg gate/ under den linden/ checkpoint Charlie, Black Forest gateau & sauerkraut. I've gone with a map, flag, steins of beer & a postage stamp of the Branbenburg gate!