Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Dictionary Y

Not many of these left to do now! The latest letter is Y and I've decided to go with year....

A random scrap that was on my desk as the background, dictionary definition and some stamping....and I must also decide what I'm going to do with the £10 voucher that I got for my Iris page!

Tuesday, 6 December 2016


....a new colour on my hair....sorry, no photos but it's a touch more ash blonde this time around....and I will try to get a decent picture this weekend when I am down in Edinburgh but I hate having my picture taken so no promises. I managed a few more cards today so we are almost done for this year and I have done 2 pages....

Journal 52: sorry/ not sorry

I went to boarding school & later lived in a different country so a lot of time away from my parents.

Art prompts galore: 49. Bling// SCAVENGER: red, foil, 3 die cuts or punch outs, 2 pieces of fiber or fabric, texture paste or gesso through a stencil, acrylic paint, a circle, a tag, words

There's bling, red, foil, die cuts, circles (bling & sequins) all the little trees along the bottom are paper scraps that I have diecut.

Sunday, 4 December 2016


How on earth did it get to the last month of the year already?

I've been busy this week, not so much on the craft front however but here is what I can share with you...

A few postcards for an upcoming swap,

A decorated Christmas tree!

A colour me positive "new beginnings" page. I chose to die cut the clock the wrong way round in a very vain attempt to make time slow down....

Some versamark ink & shimmering eyeshadow for subtle stamping (Paper Artsy)

Also some DI / stencils.

I got a Christmas card made for the Mainers

And another made for the Californians ...

This shows the shimmer & texture...

I've absolutely no idea what or where 1942 comes into the book hitchhikers guide to the galaxy which is the book that all our inchies have been linked to but I've thought outside the box this week and given you all my husbands birth date! 

It's actually a slightly different colour IRL but with dodgy lighting this is the best that I can get.

More later in the week... Maybe!

Sunday, 27 November 2016


I've used not one but two pieces of my precious strokeable paper this weekend!

Art Prompts Galore black & gold....

Journal 52: inhale / exhale 

And yes, those 2 pieces of paper that I remember I bought at the student supplies shop at Galashiels college a good number of years ago, are side by side:-)

Colour me positive: community- help

DLP : exploring pointillism- I laughed when I saw that as I thought I'd pretty much covered it last week!

So I did another portrait!

Who? What? Why? How? Every inchie is all about the question this week....that's a lot to ask so I've done punctuation....

We have our list of challenges for next year and I'm pleased to say that I can cover most weeks without too much difficulty:-)

Art prompts galore are having a postcard swap which I'm excited about too, we have the list for that and I've got some stitched pieces which I will be able to use that I've had for ages and I've started to get the cards prepared....

I seem to have achieved a lot this weekend as I've even made a start on writing my Christmas cards...and discovered that I have not been as prolific as I thought....need to make more!

Thanks for looking, and indeed commenting.....

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Journal 52

It took me a long time to decide how to deal with this art - include the words:
We stand with you - indigenous people, Muslims, LGBTQ, Immigrants, Alter-Abled, Women, The Disenfranchised, Refugees, All People Of Colour, Veterans, Survivors, And anyone feeling alone and scared

It was not until I was having a good clear out of a cupboard that was home to some old magazines (Stitch with the Embroiderers Guild) that I came across a pile of textile images and one in particular called out to me!

A fabric that had been coloured with Markal oil bars & machine stitches.....

A black tag & some assorted fonts later I had my page....

Then today I was cutting my way through some of the other pictures I'd kept and this wacky doll seem ideal for the opposite page!

So here is the spread....the only problem is 2 directions! She just didn't work the other way though :-(

So I'm going to live with it 

Saturday, 19 November 2016

I .....for Iris

It's time I shared my latest dictionary page (I can't remember when the deadline is!).... I wanted to do Igloo, mainly because it is so cold here in the North East of Scotland at the moment, but it's not in my dictionary:-( so given the colours of my last post (umbrella) I was drawn to use purple....& gold for the very regal iris (from Chocolate Baroque but in its previous incarnation of Elusive Images) so I'm linking to the challenge why don't you come & see what others have been sharing too.

Hard to photograph this one... The purple paper is shiny, it's dark outside and the light is bouncing off the gold!

Journaling & art from the weekend

Art prompts galore.....
Orange // 3 stars oops I did more than 3!, pan pastel applied through a stencil ( round shapes 1)  cream card circle with a quote & bling in green & orange (circle 2) flower with an orange eyelet (circle 3), a small animal (2 kittens) in a kids book illustration, another star that is more bling!some more small dents made in my use it or lose it stash

Colour me positive: enthusiasm 

Some images from magazines, stencilled background, stamping, random border....
Its all about living life to the MAX!

DLP from last week was a PAC /start with a picture. Well I did not know where to start as there was too much choice! In the end it didn't do an awful lot for me :-(

This week was just use ink...I went for a little assistance from a stencil for the face, used Pitt / Staedler for the hair & promarker dots for the flesh....

Our inchie theme this week is I'm thinking electric, gaslight, torchlight, candlelight, firelight, sunlight, moonlight .....decided I was in the mood for starlight! Out came a peg stamp, dark navy ing, gold ink & EP.....a few splashes later I had an inchie

Suitably messy! And this morning we also found out what next years inchies will be based on....animals which should ensure more fun :-)