Tuesday, 25 April 2017

April Rudolph Day

The weather here is suitably wintry.....snow showers yesterday and more forecast for today! 

Well, that's another 6 cards in the box and now there's only 8 months left to get organised girls!  Off to link these before the snow starts again!

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Weekend in my craft room

Colour me positive: quote

And I've just noticed that I forgot to glue the heart down in the quote!


Art journal journey: Image: grass. word: growth. Prompt: raindrops. Technique: incorporate stickers or diecuts. Quote: whatever makes you uncomfortable is your biggest opportunity for growth . Bryant McGill

Life documented: mixed media faces

I've used layers of brown papers for the hair and the assistance of a stencil for the whole! Faces really are not my thing!

And our latest inchie...butterfly and it's a stamped one from my large stamp collection....

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

New pages

Another week into the spring!

Still making slow progress in the sorting of all our stuff but we are getting there...

I have managed to get 2 spreads done in my journals:-)

Art prompts galore 

APRIL 16-22: use cut out letters/words// SCAVENGER: pastel colours, something that you see in the spring, some random bits of text, diamond shapes, stamping with ink in any colour except black, paint , tape (washi, fabric, masking, etc), something from your stash, something you received in the mail

Pastel colours through a diamond stencil over random scraps of text (lightly gessoed) some stamping in lilac with a hand carved diamond stamp, a pastel coloured border received in the mail along with shaving foam marbled sticker waste, pictures of a nest, chicks, foal & baby bunnies which are all things that are seen in spring....

Over at Life documented it's all about using a photo....

Week 16: photos 

This week saw my husband and I celebrating our 40th anniversary so I used a wedding pictures for my journal- sadly my witness is now suffering from severe dementia, we've lost touch with my husband's witness & my parents & brother are all passed away so none of the people who attended the ceremony were able to celebrate with us....but I still have those happy memories ❤️❤️❤️

Sunday, 16 April 2017


Colour me positive 

Life is all about balance. 

I've just spent a few days in Edinburgh celebrating 40 years of married life....we wined & dined!

Art journal journey 
Image: sheet music/ musical instruments Word: music Prompt: how music influences your life Technique: use sheet music Quote: where words fail, music speaks.

Coming back from Edinburgh & a visit to the Roslin Chapel (made famous by the Da Vinci code) we took the scenic route home via Gleeshee & Braemar...listening to music from our courting days so this prompt was apt! I've used a tag received from a friend on this spread, another art piece rehoused :-)

Journal 52: soft

Some soft & fluffy "eyelash" yarn to frame this delightful hare on Easter Sunday accompanied by a piece of parchment craft done by a friend....

And our inchie this week is this case a ladybird/ ladybug 

I hope you have all had a wonderful Easter, I just wish the cold winds would just go away now so we could actually feel spring in the air.

Saturday, 8 April 2017

Free stuff

I had just the solution for this week's documented journey: PROMPT: Use chalk, colored pencil or markers. TECHNIQUE: Making a bouquet in a vase. QUOTE: April showers bring May flower...

I could use an image from one of the colouring books I won recently...

Up close....there's a sort of glitter on parts....

Journal 52

HORIZON The apparent junction of earth and sky. Range of perception or experience. Something that might be attained (eg. New horizons).Synonyms: Boundary, perspective, scope, border, limit, vista.Prompt: Divide your page so that it has a horizon line. What will you put beneath the horizon? What will you put above it?Oracle: What is within your sphere of influence? How far ahead can you see? What is on your horizon?

For this I went with a free postcard....

And then decided to rescue an early machine embroidery piece from years ago!

Time for colour me positive and I managed to make my spread in the wrong journal but never mind...

No matter how you feel get up, dress up, show up and never give up

Collaged some pictures onto a readymade background 

I won't be getting much done over the next few days though as I'm off to Leith to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary....

Where are we all now....Joe Chamieh is still in Abu Dhabi but sadly suffers from dementia & doesn't even recognise his family, Marsha Fenwick has no doubt left the diplomatic circles, my dad / mum & brother are sadly no longer alive, Rosemary....never married Paul & who knows where she is, Paul Turner is living in Oxfordshire but we are no longer in touch!

See you all again soon...

Tuesday, 4 April 2017


The Art journal journey: jester, joker, laughter 
Some bubble wrap stamping, a couple of ATCs from my collection & laughter quote stamps

Life documented 

PROMPT: Make quotes made with salvaged words TECHNIQUE: Make a rainbow from different papers QUOTE: Depends on what you can make with your found words Optional Monthly Theme: April Showers 

I know....I did not use salvaged words other than by salvaging the card with its quote & The ATC that also has a quote!

Colour me positive:quote

Underpaper, Chocolate Baroque flower stamp, diecut letters for the quote - the girl in the bottom left corner was part of my prize for my page in this group a couple of weeks ago.

Here's some of the postcards that I have received in our swap....winter,red, blue, purple, white, abstract.

Triangles, music & coffee...

In situ.....where I also hang ATCs!

Art prompts galore 

APRIL 2-9 :PATHWAYS //SCAVENGER : green, yellow, random circles, a quote about spring, a piece of restaurant ephemera, something that starts with an M , paint through a stencil, something postal related, stars, something of your choice

Art journal journey:
Image: tape measure/ruler, word: growth, prompt: write about a project you are working on - how's it going/ can you accomplish it, technique: use ink sprays or ink pads, quote: "if it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you."

Well life is still a challenge in the craft room , I finally got my new oxides unwrapped and have used them for the centre panel here....

Life documented 
PROMPT: Make messy drippy circles TECHNIQUE: Make a flower from paper and drippy circles QUOTE: "Where flowers bloom so does hope" Optional Monthly Theme: April Showers 


Watercolour tags (diecut from a watercolour portrait of my husband that his aunt did many moons ago& was too awful to show) stamped hyacinth bulbs that have been coloured with blobs of distress stains and machine embroidery threads for the ties.

My inchie: this week is a crow!

Friday, 31 March 2017


Journal 52

11.*Gentle Kindly. Amiable. Not severe, rough or violent. Mild.. SynonymsClement, peaceful, pacific, soothing, tender, humane, lenient, merciful. Prompt Create a spread that explores how gentle you are with yourself. If you find gentleness difficult, explore why that might be. Try and use gentle techniques – soft touches, soft colours.Oracle: Where is gentleness required in your life? Who requires it of you? How can you treat yourself more gently?

I went with the idea of "gentle as a lamb" and an Easter card card that I had in my stash....

12.*Balance: A state in which different things occur in equal or proper amounts or have an equal or proper amount of importance. Synonyms: Equity, harmony, equivalence, parity, symmetry.. Prompt: Use symmetry in a journal spread. Focus on the concept of balance between light and dark, sorrow and joy, or other opposites.

Oracle: What do you need to attain balance? Where are you off balance? What is needing to be more balanced?

For this one...I remembered some balancing Hippo stickers and as they were in a drawer in the bureau Bill's grandfather made that was on its way outside to the garage I grabbed them quick!

Colour me positive: quote....all the flowers of all the tomorrows are in the seeds of today 

A pre-prepped background, some stencilling & a few flowers + a printed out quote....

Ironically this would also work with this week's Journal 52 but I shall make a different one!

Art journal journey and another quote knowledge is of no use unless you put it into practice (Chekhov)

I just happened to come across some book images whilst throwing out some magazines!

Art prompts galore...

MARCH 19-25: GLIMMER// SCAVENGER:blue, yellow, flowers, stripes, stamping with black ink, quote, , doodles, paint splatters, dabs or marks, something from your stash

All items from my stash!


Stencilled circles & a nursery rhyme that came in the post today....

And then we have the latest inchie parrot.... I think it's an advert for some Lawn Fawn stamps that I coloured!

Still trying to control/ tame my workroom as well as the rest of the house and not get too far behind with my pages so I'll be back soon with more....