Tuesday, 31 January 2017


I thought I'd share some of my textile creations today!

A casket that I made a few years ago- a pelmet vilene / felt / fabric sandwich with both machine and hand sewing , some sequin waste, seed beads, metallic paint & threads.

I hope you enjoyed this insight into my textiles collection 

Sunday, 29 January 2017


Just about all settled in now so I got some journal pages done over the weekend...

Art Prompts Galore:

 Starts with 'B' /SCAVENGER: silver, pink, 5 circles, 3 stickers, 3 thin strips cut from patterned paper, black and white image or cut out, random stamping with ink or paint, 3 inspirational words, something that sparkles, dots.

Art journal journey 

Bridge/path/ road. The Journey you are on, technique: try a font. Quote: life is a journey, not a destination ( Ralph Waldo  Emerson)

Colour me positive 

See the light in Others and treat them as if that is all you see.

Journal 52

Listen: To give attention with the ear. To attend closely for the purpose of hearing. give ear. Heed. Obey. To wait attentively for a sound.                   

Synonyms: Attend. Hear.                                                                                      

Prompt: How can you incorporate sound into your art journal? Play with son lyrics, musical notation, bird song, etc.                                                              

Oracle: How adept are you at listening? If you were to ‘get quiet’, what do you think your inner self would whisper to you? What should you be listening to or for? What is your wise self whispering to you now?

Life documented 2017

To incorporate some form of Zentangle or doodle./Quote:  Do not fear mistakes - there are none.  Miles Davis 

Every inchie Monday 


Friday, 27 January 2017

Destination reached

We travelled for several days through assorted temperatures that went from mild & grey, cold & grey, cold & sunny to a warm & sunny....

We saw swans flying overhead, a fox hunting in a snowy field, deer feeding just off the motorway and wild boar munching something, who knows what...

Hoar frost, fog, sunshine, it was not boring!

On arrival at our chalet there was no need to dig in as there has not yet been much snow (for a change) and the entrance + patio are now cleared of the slight covering and we are ready for guests.

I finished my art journal journey page (Facebook group) where the post was: Fall/ winter/ spring/ summer. Seasons. Create a list of things you love about this season. Technique: rubbing.  Quote: all seasons are beautiful for the person who carries happiness within .

I used some ATCs received in the past that I am fond of, its nice to be able to include some of my favourites here.

My silk spring flowers are outside but they need a touch of sunshine to take a good photo!

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

On the road

Wow, somehow it's already the first Rudolph Day of 2017! 

I actually managed to make some cards in advance of coming away and today I have Internet to be able to share my cards...result!

They are only little but they still count so I'm here to share.

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Almost time to go

Colour me positive's new challenge is up:

New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings 

A new inchie: dog

Life documented : year of the rooster

Art prompts galore 

CHANGE / SCAVENGER: green, yellow, a butterfly,a scrap of fabric,a scrap of something with texture,3 words, stamping with a random household object (ink or paint), some paint applied with a card or spatula in random places

It needs some tweaking 

Monday morning sees us heading to the southern alps via Hull - Belgium & Dole...I'll be back on here next weekend 

Friday, 20 January 2017

Journal 52

A strange one this week!

  1. Strange
    Unusual, extraordinary, or curious; odd; queer.

Synonyms: Bizarre, singular, abnormal, anomalous.

Prompt: Do something completely different or unexpected with a supply you are familiar with. Do something with a supply you are unfamiliar with. Try a new technique. Use the word ‘strange’ as part of your text, or find a quote that includes the word ‘strange’.

Oracle: What is trying to get your attention? What seems strange or out of place right now? What might that be suggesting to you? What are you noticing?

Stencilled, stamped, dapper gents cut out (?) book page borders.

I had a certain doctor Strangelove in my head!

The message reads: Daniel had always lusted after the doctor's purple whiskers.

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Caught up

Colour me positive: discipline 

Art prompts galore 


blue, purple, some random bits of patterned paper, stars, a planet or moon, a quote, stamp some ink multiple times with something round, paint splatters, an image from a book or magazine

Latest pages

Hope for Journal 52

Stencils & stamps, distress inks.

Life documented (1)

Life documented (2)

Art journal journey (1)

Life documented (2)
I suddenly realised that I was behind with sharing my pages!

Sunday, 15 January 2017

A new week

Art journal journey: 
  1. Image: photos/ word: antique or vintage / prompt: write about a memory from your life/ technique: image transfer / quote: memories are special moments that tell our story 

I went on to acquire a taste for shoes too!

This week's inchie word is cat....

Colour me positive: take control 

Well I have certainly had to do that 

Sunday, 8 January 2017

An inchie and news of Zoë

Here we are again with a new inchie....where did my week go? Oh yes, I remember now....I spent Thursday evening crying, Friday making phone calls, more of the same yesterday but I managed to put some ink & grief on a journal spread.

For those of you that are not regular visitors please see my previous post....

My brother loved Top Gear (a motoring tv show) and one of the guys is known as The Hamster so this week I'm sharing 2 inchies 

Some of you that have been doing the inchie challenge may remember Zoe & have noticed her absence for the past year. Quite by chance she popped up on my Facebook feed as a possible friend....I checked it was her through messenger & indeed discovered that she is alive & ok but sadly, a grieving widow of 2 months. She asked if any of the inchie girls are on Facebook so I said I'd find out. If you are on please let me know in the comments & I'll pass the info on to her.

And this is my journal spread for J52

  1. Portal

A doorway, gate, or other entrance, especially a large and elaborate one.

Synonyms: Doorway, gateway, entrance, exit, opening.

Prompt: Create a painting that includes a portal. As yourself where it leads. Express what it is you wish to leave behind and what it is you wish to meet as you move through one year and into the next.

Oracle: Explore the idea of doors or portals and ask yourself what they mean to you. What are you leaving behind? What are you moving toward? What is your relationship with uncertainty? What holds you back? What nudges you forward?

I'm heading over to France for a couple of days 

Thursday, 5 January 2017


Feeling little brother with so much to live for....girlfriend given the all clear from her cancer , 2 smashing teenage kids.....gone!

He would have been 55 at the end of February, his kids are 14 & 17....

NOT a good start to 2017

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Final DLP posts

Documented Life Project is over after 3 years of fun...I thought I would share some of this years favourites & cover despite still having 2 PAC to make.

Some more favourites!

Some favourites from colour me positive