Sunday, 25 November 2018

A few

Art journal journey 46

Image: steering wheel. Word:  From what guides you when you have to make tough choices in your life. Technique: make a rubbing. Quote: Live life, love life.

And 47

Image: photos. Word: vintage, antique. Prompt: write about a favourite memory from your life. Technique: image transfer. Quote:  Live for moments you can't put into words.

Colour me positive 47

Life documented 47

Theme: Using up scraps, paint and fibers

Prompt: Make a landscape with your scraps

Technique: Build up layers, adding scraps, gesso, and paint, and fiber with a credit card.

Quote: Do what you can, with what you have, where  you are.  Theodore Roosevelt

Magazine scraps, diecuts that landed on my doormat Saturday morning and scraped paint make up my landscape. The band along the bottom is Kraft card wrapped with a very fine blending filament that has lain in a drawer for ages & has somehow made its way up to the top recentlywhen ive been having a rummage! 

That's all my pages now up to date and my Christmas cards made so all I now have to do is start writing them ........

Monday, 19 November 2018

OCT 29-NOV4: shades of white//scavenger: Purple, the colour of your pants, lines, postal ephemera, die cuts, something up from a recent shopping trip, a tag, a receipt, thread/fibre/yarn , something vintage.

NOV 5-11: Wishingwell//2 colours most dominant in your wardrobe, postage stamp, pieces from scrap box, stamp with random item, relating to music, something to do with tea or coffee, item of choice, tops, bird.

NOV12-18: vintage//turquoise, peach, spirals, image from book or magazine, doodles, words, stamp with a random object, stars, bits of tone book page, circles.

Life documented.....using scraps!

Colour me positive

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Almost there

 LD 45

Theme: Using up scraps, paints and fibers you have hoarded!

Prompt: Create a collage of ribbon and paper strips.

Technique: Sew sari ribbon and strips of book paper to a painted background.

Quote: Each day of life is a glorious gift.  -  Craig C. Johnson

I've used some fancy yarns and a doily diecut as my silk scraps get used for boxes & caskets!


  1. Image: matches. Word: Warmth. Journalling prompt: write about fire literal or symbolic. Technique: draw with used matches. Quote: The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.

APG week October 22-28 celebration//green, blue, letters, postage stamp, item of choice, image transfer, something from the kitchen, metal, silhouette,quote.

Saturday, 10 November 2018


SEPT 24-30 Moon light and shadows//scavenger: Yellow, orange, ink from any source except ink pad, circles, torn paper, “, item from stash, lines, doodles, texture.

OCT 1-7 connections//scavenger: The favourite colour of soumeone you know well, the colour directly across from this on a colour wheel, key, napkins, spirals, clothing tag, funny money, something relating to music, playing card, something geometric.

OCT 8-14 Cats//scavenger colour of your socks, blue a different shade then your socks, something coffee or tea stained, numbers, paint smeared with the card, key, something repetitive, texture, glitter, tissue paper.

OCT 15-21. Music// scavenger: Red, pink, dots, spray Inc/paint, form or piece of form, junk mail, triangles, person, bird, brown paper bag.

Thursday, 8 November 2018


More pics that I've not yet shared...

And there will be more.......

Sunday, 4 November 2018


AUG27-Sept2: celestial//scavenger: Yellow, blue, lines, tag, crumpled paper, paint through a stencil, form or piece of a form, spray ink or paint, incorporate something plastic, image of your choice.

SEPT 3-9 endings & beginnings//scavenger: green, colour of your choice, Washi tape, torn pieces of paper, add texture, dots, thread fibre or yarn, image of an animal, starts with B, doodles. 

Slowly slowly.....I'm getting these caught up!

Life documented +

  1. November Theme: Using up scraps, paint and fibres you have hoarded! Prompt:  To select a handful of scraps/fibres/resources and create! Technique:  To include various vintage style elements in your journal  Quote:  Everything comes to you, in the right moment.  Be patient  Be grateful.  unknown
 Some hoarded images that remind me of my mum, seamstress extraordinary when I was growing up!

The thread is a variegated Caron Watercolour Pima cotton (colour is Marigold) also a hoarded item!
The star stickers are from Paperchase and I've had them a while too.....

Apg pages for you.....

2 shades of the same colour, tag, triangle,flower, quote,bird, texture (feather embossed foil circles) paint or stamp with random object (crumpled cling film), key

SEPT 10-16 pick a past prompt & do it differently// scavenger: colour of your neighbour’s car, turquoise, circles, paint applied with fingers, 3 stickers, black ink, paper punch outs, person, something related to transportation, words 

The neighbour's car is white!

SEPT 17-23 harvest//scavenger: Blue, grey, crumpled tissue paper, label, butterfly, squares, sewing ephemera,  Add glitter, security envelope pattern, dots.

There is a tag on the gift bag that the bear is checking out! The sewing ephemera is some stamp print fabric that came from?.?

I've started another and been gathering scraps for others, I've also managed to assemble 40 Christmas cards this week so I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself! I'd better go and shine that

Saturday, 3 November 2018


It's been a very long time since I shared any Art Prompts Galore so here is a catch up os what's been done! There are more to come but they are yet to be made as the prompts list disappeared into thin air from my feed!!!

August 6-12

inside out, upsidedown//scavenger: Two colours inspired from a walk through the vegetable section of your grocery store, a playing card, sewing ephemera, label, spirals, letters, words, vintage image, splatter paint.

August 13-19

let’s face it// scavenger: The colour of your shirt, a prominent colour out your window, something exotic, squares, security envelope pattern, scrapbook paper, masking tape, something from a  recent shopping trip, children’s book illustration, silhouette.

August 20-26

The company we keep //scavenger: Purple, pale green, texture, a game piece, postal Ephemera, gesso, something from your stash, rubberstamping, a map Or piece of a map, circles.