Sunday, 21 October 2012


So many drawers! I have 2 new storage4crafts units made up and I have started to fill them :-) - I will have to label the drawers though as I can finally have a drawer per stamp subject (or more). There is still 1 unit to make up which will house my paper stash and I am using this move to have a clear out :-).
I am so looking forward to being sorted as i hate having all these piles everywhere but even more to getting crafting again.

I will share some art soon.


  1. Those storage units look so smart. How will you categorise those stamps though? Get yourself some removable labels though, you may change your mind several times.

  2. Gosh you will be tidy. Looks a grand storage chest.

  3. Oh wow Sally .. .. how lovely to have sparkly new storage units.

    My stamps live in an old chest of drawers left over from when the kids were younger. But they have good memories behind them so I shouldn't complain!!

    I bet you can't wait for everything to be put in its proper place.

    Love Jules xx

  4. Okay, I'm wiping the drool off my keyboard right now... :)

    My wooden stamps are so mixed up! I can't wait to see what you do with this! It will be so nice to have everything in its place! Good luck!!

  5. SWOON!!! I can fill that up in 30 minutes!

  6. I'm envious of your storage units Sally. Will they all be filled up with your stash from the states??? x