Monday, 14 January 2013


Bill had his staples out this morning, all 15 of them & has started very gentle physio :-) I am taking things very easy as I have bronchitis :-( what a start to 2013... So here is a nice peaceful photo taken at Clos Pegase winery in California - it soothes me at this time.


  1. Oh dear. I hope you both feel better soon. Lovely picture. x

  2. Glad all seems to be going well for Bill. Take care of yourself.
    hugs Yvonne

  3. Not a good start to your year. Take it easy and rest up. The bowl is lovely.

  4. Good God Sally!!!1 What on earth has been going on???/ Just read about Bill and now your news today....what on earth happened to him? I hope he is recovering after having the stiches removed and now you must concentrate on yourself and get better!!!!!
    Bronchitis is really dreadful I have had it and you must take it easy. Think on your peaceful water feature wrap up warm and think healing thoughts....that's an order
    Much love Carol xx