Saturday, 31 May 2014


I'm posting this from the south of France - I know! I'm not supposed to be out of the country until July but..... Disaster struck this household yet again. Mum fell on the 5th of May & broke her hip, the opposite one from 18 months ago. They kept her in hospital for a few days as they were worried about a "chest infection" that has been there for years and never got to the bottom of. She was released from hospital on the 22, 2 days after their 59th wedding anniversary! a fact that she was sadly unaware of as she has been suffering with dementia for a few years. On Sunday it was French Mother's Day but again this passed in a haze. On Tuesday my dad rang to tell me that she had slipped away in her sleep, peace for her at last. Well, I jumped on a plane as soon as I could and managed to be here in time for the cremation yesterday, no words, no service as such, just music! I've been cheated of my mum by a horrible illness and now by death itself, we were looking forward to celebrating my dad's 80th, her 85th and aunties 90th.  Mum & Auntie were both called Pam, their birthdays 7 days apart and now their funerals have happened 2 weeks apart - they are both going to be much missed.

Music is this weeks twinchie challenge & I had made one before all the upheaval so with yesterday's music in my head I realised I had to share both my art and my sorrow. Please forgive...


  1. Sally its a very sad time for you, your mum is now at peace. I lost my aunt at Christmas suffering from the same illness, thank goodness they don't know what was happening. You will never forget the happy memories of the good times.
    Take care of yourself as well.
    hugs Yvonne
    p,s, the twinchie is fantastic.

  2. Hi Sally, so sorry to read of your sad news, as Yvonne said, it's a good thing folks don't know what is happening - it is a terrible illness. Hope you and your Father are able to share happy memories whilst you are visiting.
    Hugs, Avril x

  3. Oh Sally, I am truly sorry, such sad news. I just send you my thoughts and hope that time will heal your sadness, Hugs Gay x

  4. My heart bleeds for you, Sally - such sad news, and such a shock coming so unexpectedly. I hope you are finding time with the rest of the family to remember your mother in happier days.

    Thank you for sharing your musical twinchie... and opening your heart.
    Alison xx