Sunday, 31 July 2016

New pieces

Art prompts galore...

31. blue and green/ SCAVENGER : something that starts with k, lace, peach colour, something with wings,something summery, random element from your stash, 5 round things, lines created with ink (ie: using corregated cardboard to stamp)/random splatters of black or white paint

So I've got knot lace, peach panel, something with wings, something summery (lady in a het), random element (punched border), 5 buttons, lines created with ink (faint!), 

Journal 52 Holding on // letting go

It's been 53 weeks since I last saw my dad alive, he'd been visiting us at the chalet for the Tour de France....

Every inchie Monday....sheep
These are done using a free stamp & shrink plastic 

We had thunder & heavy rain Saturday night but a very nice day, by evening we were back to thunder/ lightning & some seriously heavy rain/hail....all blown over again now so I'm hoping for an undisturbed sleep tonight & a sunny visit to Barcelonette tomorrow....night!


  1. Wonderful pages again Sally and I think one of them is very close to your heart.
    Loved the inchie with the tiny sheep, shrinkplastic I haven't used in yonks, I think I must have some somewhere.
    Yvonne xx

  2. Lovely work Sally, isn't shrink plastic wonderful for our inchies.

  3. I really need to get into that shrink plastic. I have some but never think to use it. Cute little sheep, Sally! Enjoy your trip!

  4. I really love the lady in the summery hat, I can see that beaded up!! I love the shrink plastic! Hope the weather cooperates.

  5. I always love your art Sally, great inchie too - I do have shrink plastic but can't remember how to use it - I'll have to find a tutorial on youtube!!

  6. I love those black-faced sheep! Great works and I'm sure the dearest of them all is visiting with your dad. Enjoy your holiday! CHeryl