Sunday, 28 May 2017

Tough weekend

 A few days of more than decent weather but an emotional time as it's 3 years since mum slipped away in her sleep and a year since my dad joined her. On top of that it's been hard to sleep at night owing to the warmth and also Bill's groans...he went walking last Monday, slipped on a tree root on a steep slope and fell onto the handle of his walking pole! He assumed that he'd bruised his ribs but I'm starting to think that he may have cracked a few!

Enough of my woes.... I have managed to slip in a little art time this week and here are the results

Art Journal Journey 
Image: Classic movies. Word: history. Prompt: fill in the blanks: if i could meet any actress/ actor from classic movies I would meet.........because. Technique: include a pocketbook put your journaling or a picture in. Quote: cinema is the most beautiful fraud in the world (jean Luc Goddard)

Art prompts galore 

Use Only Words.// SCAVENGER : pink, orange, circles, flowers, 3 things that start with the same letter as your name., 3 words of your choice, acrylic paint , doodles, black ink

Journal 52

Soar:To fly upward. To glide along at height. To rise, ascend, oraspire.Synonyms: Fly, ascend, rise, sail, arise, glide. Prompt: Create a spread explores what can be perceived from ‘above’ a situation. Play with bird or flight imagery in your journal. Oracle: What can be seen from ‘on high’ about the situation you are presenting in? What do you need to rise above? What do you aspire to?

I don't do deep introspective pieces so these little birds just called out to me after an afternoon of watching 3 buzzards flying around riding on the thermals above our garden.

I am linking with try it on Tuesday for this one. Check out everybody's entries at

Life documented 
Monthly Theme - Bold & Bright. Quote - "Boldly be a Pop of Color in a Black & White World" Prompt - Layer stencils and use baby wipes to erase and soften. Technique - Make a shaped flap/page in your journal

I've used the last little bird in the set from the previous spread ....and a load of scraps off my desk!

Ive got a pop of yellow using a shaped flap + some b&w doodles & my little bird, 2 more flaps on the rhs that are wax crayon stencil rubbings.

Under the yellow flap is more yellow in the way of packaging from a bottle of Eau de Toilette that I've just finished.

And under that shaped flap is the quote that also includes some yellow....

Colour me positive 
Interrupt anxiety with gratitude, empathy & mindfulness 

Another non introspective....
I had saved a quote I'd seen a few days ago that seemed to fit so I typed it out....complete with typo that I only noticed once I'd glued it down on a readymade background!

Every inchie Monday 
And we have a cute little marsupial leaping into our inchie collection....kangaroo!

Hoping everyone is having a great bank holiday weekend doing the things that they love to do most.....


  1. Aw Sally so sorry to hear about Bill's fall, I really feel for him and I hope he hasn't done any serious damage and mends quickly. Thinking of you too with the memories of your dear mum and dad, such a poignant time for you. Love all your artwork with gorgeous colours and details, you have certainly been very busy. Have a lovely bank holiday Monday xxx

  2. All your journal pages are gorgeous! I love the pink and orange one. Great inchie. She is so cute! Wishing you a much easier week!

  3. Wonderful art Sally and I love the little bird images, such a lovely page.
    Sorry to read about Bill's fall, hope he feels better soon.
    Thanks for sharing your art at TioT
    Avril xx

  4. All wonderful artwork and the cutest inchie ever

    Sorry it has been a sad week for you and I hope Bill's ribs soon heal

    Thank you for joining us at Try it on Tuesday

    Love Chrissie xx

  5. Oh dear, Bill in the wars again, I hope he hasn't cracked any ribs.
    What better way to get through a tough weekend than to do some crafting. What a lot of fabulous work you have produced again. I do so enjoy seeing what you have done. x

    1. He has damaged the cartilage of the ribs! The walk was steep & carried a warning that there were slippery tree roots!

  6. Fabulous journal pages Sally, I don't know how you find the time to do so many, I am way behind with all my art. The garden calls as we open it to the public for the first two weekends in June. Lovely niche as well.

  7. Thanks for sharing your beautiful works with us over at TioT this time. Hugs!

  8. Love the little happy birds and amazed that you got the mama and baby kangaroo in an inch! Sorry for all you have been going thru. You both are in my prayers

  9. Your art work is amazing! Each project is eye candy for sure! So sorry life has handed you the blues for a while, but hopefully things will improve! Thanks for letting me know I won Mo's Rudolph challenge too :)

  10. Your roo inchie is great and I do love your birdie pages...I hope the injuries are very soon mended and your thoughts turn to happier memories once the anniversaries are behind you. Thinking of you, Dixx

  11. Lovely page. Thank you for joining us at TioT.

  12. Another bonanza of wonderful pages and super to see Kanga and Roo - I'm assuming that's who they are!?