Saturday, 16 September 2017

I'm off

I Art prompts galore 

SEPT 12-17: vintage// SCAVENGER : purple: postage stamps, pale  yellow stencilled DI (through sequin waste), something round (sequin waste), something  postal related postage stamps, something with handwriting on it: an envelope , some stamping,a bingo card, scrapbook paper, a piece from your scrap bin: the hand written envelope , white paint or gesso. I managed the vintage part in so far as the stamps all came from my dad's house and the envelope goes back to our time in Abu Dhabi....we left there in 1978 but dad left in 1975!

The British stamps are all pre decimalisation!

Journal 52: EBB: The flowing back of the tide as the water returns to the sea. A flowing backward or away. Synonyms: Abatement, decrease, diminution, dwindling, retreat, subsidence, wane, waning, withdrawal. Prompt: Create a spread that honours the ebb of the year, or an ebbing that is happening in your life right now. Where are you withdrawing? Where are you pulling in your energy and away from what? Oracle: What is receding, easing up, or lessening in your life at this time? What should you be ebbing away from? How are you allowing ease? What is your relationship with rest?

I wanted rippled sand so I used a chocolate baroque stamp with antique linen distress ink and clear embossing powder. I then used more of the same ink to colour the paper. For the Seaglass I resorted to another stamp from the same set because my printer was not talking to my iPad. Using hydrangea big and juicy inkpad i almost got what I wanted. Another stamp using black ink of a parent and child searching on the sea shore at low tide shows one of my favourite pastimes.

Finally here is my latest inchie, it's supposed to be a trout! Sorry it looks a tad blurred.

We are all set to head across the pond so be on the lookout for colourful foliage soon....


  1. How lovely to be able to use your Dad's envelope on the postal page, now you have it captured in a piece of art with it's memories.
    Have a good trip over the pond and looking forward to reports and hopefully pictures of the wonderful Autumn colours over there. x

  2. I really like your stamp and envelope page...handwriting to me is a great prompt for memories, handwritten recipes, for example...I just cannot bear to throw them out, even though I have digitalised my collection...Love the cheerful looking plump trout, Dixx

  3. Those stamps!! Oh my gosh, they are so cool! I love the rippled sand effect! It just fits so well in that piece. your inchie is also fabulous

  4. Great art work as usual - love the vintage envelope use and all those stamps plus a great trout image. I thought you were away till October?!!!

    1. I am away....since Sunday! Will be back in Scotland mid October but have my inchies prepped in advance for this time lol.

  5. I just love the page with all the stamps, and the ripple of the sea at the beach is beautifully captured. I'm no fisherman, so I'll buy that as a trout!
    Alison x