Friday, 15 December 2017


Journal 52

PEACE - Quiet and tranquility. Freedom from disturbance, war or violence. Calm.

Synonyms: Tranquility, restfulness, quiet, peacefulness, order, harmony, non-violence, concord. Prompt: Create a spread that explores the role peace plays in your life. Are you at peace? Are you a peacemaker? How does peace feel in your body? Oracle: Where is peace needed in your life? Where can you act to create it? Is there enough of it? How can you create more?

Art prompts galore 

DEC 11-17: CONNECTIONS//SCAVENGER:yellow, blue, a label off something, something round, a piece of a textile, a piece of scrap paper, an image, text, black ink

Colour me positive 

Christmas is too sparkly! said no one ever 

And our very last ever inchie is goat

Well, the big boy in red has called and has been very generous in our house so I hope that every one of you also got your hearts desire .

Watch out with all that food that's in the fridge....not wanting to be on a diet come the first of January!

I'm itching to get into my craft room....


  1. Fantastic art pages and projects Sally.
    Hope you had a lovely Christmas and best wishes to you both for the New Year
    Yvonne xx

  2. Great art journal pages, and inchie, hope you don't have any of this last batch of snow.
    Happy New Year, hugs Wendy

  3. Great artworks Sally, Hope you had a lovely Christmas.
    Avril xx

  4. Super art journaling Sally - particularly love the sparkly Christmas one - very pretty and so true. I love Christmas but this year has been very odd for us with a move imminent and the children not coming this year we haven’t really bothered with decorations but like you I’m looking forward to more crafting. Cute little goat - will still try and follow you in your lovely art work so keep at it. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year love Jenny x

  5. Great journaling pages, I like your backgrounds in these...I think you have inspired me to start an art journal...I keep a couple of more standard journals, a private written one and one where I document outings and excursions with photos, text etc...but an art journal seems to be calling me and your weekly inspiration has me hooked...I will give it a try over January and see how it works for me...I like your tiny goat, too! Glad you had a good Christmas, Dx Happy Hogmanay!

  6. I love the pages! They are all so sparkly and pretty! Your inchie is also so cute!