Monday, 26 February 2018


Art journal journey 

Image: chocolate, candy. Word: indulge. Prompt:  write about your favourite treat or "me time" activity. Technique: use premade journal cards or stickers on your page. Quote: indulge.... Life is sweet!

Art prompts galore 

FEB 26- MAR 4: Spring// Scavenger: three soft or pastel colours of your choice, ink stamped or sprayed, image of your choice, paint through a stencil, scraps from your stash, a piece of postal ephemera, punch outs of your choice, a quote

Colour me positive 
Salmon pink frame. Image: Paper boats. Quote: Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication Leonardo da Vinci

Life documented 

March Theme:  Art - Exploring styles

  1. Prompt:  To explore who inspires me. Technique:  To take our old envelopes and make some pockets that we could then tip into our journals. Quote:  'It's always the small pieces that makes the big picture' unknown
My prepared background already had a Dylusions border so....out with a Dylusions colouring book image & some doodled lines for the quote!

Every inchie Monday 

Australia ......a faraway continent when one is in NE Scotland! I have friends on the Gold Coast & family in Tasmania that I have never met - my dad's cousin & his offspring. I shall probably never get there as I hate long haul flying these days but I often think that it would have been nice to see Uluru, the barrier reef & the Sydney opera house.....mostly though I would love to check out the opals !!! I've got a map, flag and a kookaburra for this week's prompt. I wonder how many kangaroos will hop in this week, or maybe even Crocodile Dundee lol.


  1. Just what I needed to see tonight, 'chocolate', who can resist this treat, its a fantastic page to start your post.
    Your pages are all great Sally, you add so many details and lovely quotes.
    I hope all has been okay for you during our snow storms. Rumour has it that there is a thaw on its way, so fingers crossed.
    Yvonne xx

    1. Our second day of now it's drizzle all day and slush/mud everywhere!

  2. Your inchies are wonderful.
    When we were in Australia we heard a kookaburra a few times befor we saw him.

  3. Your art pages are wonderful, that Dylusions colouring book image would make good collage figure pieces. I must look out for one. I climbed Uluru when I was 11 and visiting central Australia on a school trip...back when it was Ayers Rock and we were all very naive about indigenous cultural sensitivity, something that was a bit slow to change for us as a Nation, sadly...Dix

    1. I knew it as Ayers Rock too! As I kid I loved to watch the "flying doctors " on TV & Im sure that was my first encounter with the vast continent

  4. Love the art pages and the kookaburra is adorable

  5. Great inchies. Wonderful artwork, love the one you made for colour me positive!

    1. Thanks Margriet, that was a free with magazine stamp & she struck me as being very sophisticated so perfect for the prompt:-)