Friday, 15 November 2013


I've been snatching a little playtime here & there as best I could this week! Between putting the garden to bed, shopping for gifts in Aberdeen & a very pleasant lunch out today....oh, and the shorter dark days are a real hinder :-(  I just don't seem to have got an awful lot done.

I wanted to show auntie something on my blog so went in the proper way rather than using blogger on the iPad which how I do most of my posts (or on the iPhone). Imagine, I had the very pleasant surprise of finding a couple of new followers! A big welcome to you both :-)

Some of my time has been spent playing with inks, paints & texture paste

This is oil pastels (on some weird paper) that has has some stencilling added.

I then added some distress stain over part of the paper, I had tried to do some embossing with versamark & holographic powder but it was not working out as I wanted so I decided to add some texture paste through a brass snowflake stencil that I found lurking in a drawer.

Once everything was dry it was time to add some turquoise, silver, green & mauve metallic rub-ons(treasure gold type). I have also added a little iridescent Markal oil bar. 

I still have work to do to it!!!!


  1. Looks great so far, the textures and colours are lovely.
    Yvonne x

  2. Ooh, nice... gorgeous metallic shimmer going on - can't wait to see where this is headed!
    Alison x

  3. Really like this background and the finished piece above is amazing!