Monday, 27 January 2014

Journal 52 -week 4

This week is all about CHARACTER!

I cannot draw people :-( I really must practice!!!!

Anyway, my adventures in France husband has been moved from the hospital today...
Sadly not home to me, rather to a convalescence centre a few miles along the road from the hospital. This means that I still have a journey of about 90 minutes by car to get there :-( not a lot of fun when driving a "British style"  car on mountain roads with steep drops to the side!

Anyway, tomorrow I'm heading off with a girlfriend and Bailey (our golden retriever) to visit and also deliver some clothes as Bill will no longer be provided with a hospital gown. I also plan to take a flask of boiling water & tea bags as he really misses his cup of tea.

As I cannot do people and as I am having to call on all my reserves to be strong for the 2 of us....I have gone with my birth sign, the crab. Quite appropriate as I do slam the shutters down when I hurt, but I do think that I have a fair amount of tenacity & strength behind my armour...I've used a page out of the local telephone directory coloured with Promarkers , some watercolour pencils, a black Sharpie & a white Gelly Roll.

When I finally get back to the UK I shall no doubt work some more detail into these pages that I am creating with scant supplies. New additions this week: a rubber, a glue stick & a letter stencil!


  1. Sally, its a brilliant journal page, I enjoyed reading how it evolved. I also think you are a very strong and brave lady to be coping with all that is happening in your world at the moment. Have a safe journey tomorrow when you go to visit Bill.
    hugs Yvonne xx

  2. FUN!!! The word is thought provoking too! COOL!

  3. Oh Sally .. .. you are a far braver woman than I am. I certainly wouldn't be ale to do that driving you describe.

    I hope Bill picks up soon .. .. he must be so fed up!

    Great journal page too!

    Take care with all you are doing.

    Love Jules xx

  4. Hi Sally, Just catching up - a brilliant page and very apt for you at the moment.
    Keep driving safely - I wouldn't like to do that journey by the sounds of it.
    Avril xx

  5. I so feel for you battling through this - so tenaciously... and I'm amazed that you're managing to keep crafting and blogging alongside - though perhaps that's what's keeping you sane. As Avril says, do drive carefully. Thinking of you.
    Alison xx