Friday, 17 January 2014

Oh no!X-rays

So here's the story....we had 24 hours of snow - oh no! That made for 45cm or about 18" to clear yesterday.

We dug out the entrance, then the car or should I say the side & rear only and then the patio.

Time to meet friends for coffee before they leave the resort first thing Saturday morning as they are heading back to the UK. My dear husband is an impatient soul.... With no crampons on his boots and no intention of waiting for the local "around the resort" bus, he goes striding off leaving me at the bus stop.

5 minutes later a guy I know appears, calling for me to come quick! Oh no! What now?

OH NO!!!! Bill has fallen at the end of our road and cannot get up :-(
Some paramedics happen by and come to our assistance, all the while Bill is lying on the snow with more snow falling out of the sky.

Oh no, the local doctor is off we have to be taken to the nearest doctor 10km away, the vibration in the vehicle due to the snow chains is dreadful and the driver stops to remove them as soon as possible.

To cut this rather long story short, after 2 xrays and a very hefty dose of morphine, Bill is carted off to the nearest hospital with a broken femur and a possible broken pelvis- he is going to require a hip replacement! Oh no! As at 9 pm last night I had only been able to establish that he was in his room very slowly coming round. Not sure if he's been operated on at this stage but my next job is to get myself up and call the hospital for an update and then contact the kids who both live in the USA and let them know what's what....

Sorry for sharing bad news, but sitting here in a ski resort with only a dog for company is not ideal as we are forecast yet more snow over the next 4 days and I'm not looking forward to having to drive the mountains rounds to visit a hospital that is 90 minutes drive away :-(


  1. Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear of your husband's bad fall, and the associated complications for travel, etc. It's a sobering reminder about how much we depend on the skill of others for our safety and health. Sending you my best wishes for your safe travels on those snowy mountain roads and for your husband's swift recovery.

  2. Hi Sally. sorry to read this post. I hope you have better news of what is happening to Bill today. If you need to have a rant, just send me an email. Take care of yourself as well.
    hugs Yvonne xx

  3. OH NO! What can I say, this is bad news. Take care driving to that hospital and hope Bill is not in too much pain. :-(

  4. Oh no what a nightmare!! I do hope your husband is doing as well as he can be at the moment and that you're hanging in there too. :(

  5. So sorry to read this news Sally, I do hope Bill is soon on the road to recovery.
    Do take care of yourself when you're out and about.
    Avril xx

  6. Oh Sally so sorry to hear the news, wishing your hubbie a speedy recovery and sending you both positive thoughts. Please take care when you are out and about, especially on that long drive. Thinking of you.
    hugs {Brenda} x0x

  7. Oh no Sally - what a nightmare.

    Poor Bill and poor you for having to cope with it all. It can't be easy.

    All that snow sounds very scary!

    Hope Bill is being well cared for and that he makes a good and speedy recovery.

    Take care

    Love Jules xx

  8. Oh Sally - I'm so sorry to hear your tale of woe and "oh no"s... what a horrible horrible train of affairs. I do hope that your husband's surgery and recovery will be swift and smooth. How awful to be stuck there alone amidst all that snow. Do take care on the roads if you must make the journey... Will be thinking of you.
    Alison xx

  9. Sally, so sorry to hear about your husband's accident, sounds awful. Men are sometimes so silly! Hope he soon heals! Valerie

  10. Oh. My. Gosh. I'm so so sorry to hear about Bill's accident! I will definitely be praying for a speedy recovery and also for you too! Hang in there! <>