Monday, 23 June 2014


Monday again! Where did the past week go I hear everyone cry (myself included)...

It's Wimbledon fortnight & the weather here is rubbish as usual! I'm glad I'm getting away to France again - at least that should guarantee some sunshine :-)

Anyhow, the maid in my title is the clue to this weeks inchie Monday challenge. I was sorting through the bags & boxes & poles of ephemera/stuff/never know when it might be useful or not over the weekend and I found a Christmas card with the 12 days on it. All of a sudden my inchie situation was solved :-) and I have even got the next 2 made as well as a couple of the twinchies....



This one has been done with a freebie stamp curtesy of Craft Stamper.

I'm off to watch Andy Murray now.....


  1. Hi Sally, great recycling with you little 'maid' and she looks dressed for summer.
    Relax and Enjoy the tennis - especially as you're so organised,
    Avril xx

  2. Great small piece of art. I was watching Andy win as well.

  3. I wish I could be so organized HAHA! Great work. Your maid is so cute.

  4. Great idea, didn't think of that one.

  5. I was trying to come up with other ideas for maid... I thought of meter maid, but not milk maid! Love that interpretation! Wish I'd thought of it, now I have all kinds of ideas running through my head. =) YOURS IS SO CUTE!

  6. Great little pieces Sally, how clever to find that image just when you needed it, I wouldn't have been able to do that. I haven't been watching the tennis but we have had some lovely sunshine for a change. Hope you and Bill are both well xx

  7. love the direction that you went with the inchie, great job!

  8. Perfect!!!! It's so nice when things fall into place like that, isn't it? Have a great week!! :0) Share Humanity

  9. Both of these are fabulous. Especially love the maid a milking image as I am addicted to Christmas.

  10. Never thought of milk maid--terrific image to use

    Love Chrissie x

  11. Oh, she's adorable... I meant to make some buckets like that for the Tudor House and completely forgot! Ah well, something to do next year! Great take on the Maid theme, Sally, and the Memories one is very pretty too.
    Alison xx