Sunday, 13 July 2014


My first Monday back in the chalet for the summer! The sun is shining, it's my husbands birthday (Ooooh but he is getting old!!!) not sure what the day will bring as it's a national holiday here in France but it's good to be here and I have a "wood strawberries" tart on order to celebrate Bastille day/ bill's birthday and mine too :-)

As it's Monday it's also inchie day & the theme for this week is navy, no room on an inchie to draw the whole fleet so here is my feeble attempt....

Happy Bastille day to you all!


  1. Love your drawing (not feeble at all) it almost looks embossed. Heureux jour de bastille!

  2. I like this one. No need for the whole fleet this one does great.

  3. Great nautical themed inchie! Thank you for commenting on my altered clay pot and AVJ. Have a fabulous day!

  4. Ah, come on, you can fit the whole fleet on that inch, can't you? LOL! This is a great little ship. And Happy Birthday to all of you!

  5. Love your sailor. Have a nice time in france.

  6. Happy Birthday Sally and Bill. Hope you have had a lovely day and enjoyed your wood strawberry tart.
    Love the tiny inchie.
    yvonne x

  7. Ooh, definitely envying you your wood strawberry tart. Have fun celebrating both birthdays and Bastille Day!
    Fab inchie too...
    Alison x

  8. Hi Sally

    Hope Bill had a good birthday (and yours is a happy one too)!

    Loving your little inchie! and there was me thinking my little 3.5" square cards were dinky!! LOL!!

    Enjoy Summer at the chalet.

    Love Jules xx

  9. Sally, love it! Did you emboss that? Very cute!

  10. What no fleet, well done doing the one though.

  11. That is so cute! The rest of the fleet is behind the first boat.
    Do you know that the link you have on EIM does not open to this, but to a non-existing page. Doesn't really matter, we all find you anyway. Enjoy your summer. I am enjoying my winter coolness.

  12. Love it!!! I agree with Zoe! The fleet is behind this one!! have great one! :0) Share Humanity