Saturday, 13 September 2014

Journal 52 & twinchies

Week 37 came out yesterday....NEWSPAPER is the theme!

Here in Scotland it's all about the referendum which is now only days away so I had to go with some of today's headlines. I've already voted thanks to the postal system and this is no reflection of my political tendencies ( Salmond/Daily Telegraph )  Ian Paisley died yesterday & has therefore made in into the papers again, the 2 items on the right hand side of the page tickled me ( camera & aliens!!!) and who can resist puppies? The tip in page is the paper title cut and stuck onto a piece of happy mail.

Then we have 2 twinchies SAFARI from last week

And this week's BOOKS


  1. Great newsprint page Sally. There is so much in the press these days. we have the Telegraph as well. Fantastic inchies as well.

  2. You have been having fun Sally, love the newsprint piece.
    Happy Sunday.
    hugs Brenda xxx

  3. Love it, love it! Good on you for doing this! That safari one is stunning!