Monday, 22 September 2014

Journal 52

It's time for a rhyme...I felt pretty stumped on this one as I didn't want to use a nursery rhyme and I've never really been a big poetry reader ( more limerick type!)

Anyhow, I'd been sorting & clearing stuff off my desk & I remembered that I'd come across a sheet of "rose" paper and also some roses that I'd fussy cut that were from another sheet. Would I ever use them? Seemed highly unlikely so they had been put in a "re home" pile. All of a sudden I had a lightbulb moment - I recalled learning a poem about a rose & how it's beauty fades so fast, well the poem is very old - the author is Pierre de Ronsard (1524-1585) and I learnt this poem at school many moons ago. I had to google it to make sure I remembered all the words! I decided to print it off and add to the rose paper that had been given a gesso wash to tone it down.

And now this open is stuck in my head....serves me right! My teacher must have done a good job as I only got a few words wrong :-)

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  1. A beautiful page Sally, looks so romantic.