Monday, 20 October 2014


I realise it's not really week 39 but it's been 39 weeks & 3 days since Bill broke his pelvis and today is the big day that he gets his "whole hip" replacement. My fingers are firmly crossed, well, not whilst typing! Everyone tells me he will be a new man, this might workout a whole lot cheaper for him than a divorce in that case :-D

Anyway, it's Monday and time for a new inchie / twinchie share so here they are
Ombra is our inchie....hhhhmmmm, shadow? Yep, that'll be easy then....a five o'clock shadow!
Careful with the razor my man!

And our twinchie is leaves
Another ink mop-up with 3 leaves diecut from paint samples.

Job done! Breakfast consumed, time to walk the dog& then it's a case of waiting until mid afternoon for news of the patient......


  1. Good luck and good health to Bill! As soon as I find money tree seeds, promise will send you some.
    Awesomely clever inchie! And I knew it was a mop-up for the twinchie before reading. :) I'm learning well from you.

  2. So funny. Poor Bill, HAHA, he is lucky to have you! Love your 5 o'clock shadow and those are mighty nice leaves too!

  3. Super makes Sally. Hope all went well for Bill.
    Yvonne x

  4. five o'clock shadow is a great interpretation of umbra! I love paint chips - they can be used for all sorts of things can't they - your leaves are very nice. Hope things go well for your hubby, and you, as you help him recover (I've been the caretaker for a sick person and it is not an easy job, so pat yourself on the back)

  5. praying for Bill and love your interpretation of the theme!

  6. Hope Bill is doing pl

    Great inchie and twinchie

    Love Chrissie x

  7. Love your take on the inchie challenge. The leaves are pretty. Hope everything went well with the replacement.

  8. Great illustrations, Sally. My prayers to you and your hubby for a speedy recovery. Have a brilliant day! c

  9. Great inchie, hope Bill will be OK, your comments made me smile.