Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Up and at it

Up early this morning....all to get Bill to ARI I time for his small op.....turns out there was hardly a car o. The road ! On my return home I finished my journal 52 page friends/furry friends - bonus use flowers 

But I finally screwed up! It's in the wrong book!!! Oops! Never mind, we will just have to live with it.

The garden beckoned as summer is still alive and well in northeast Scotland so that was the end of today's efforts on the craft front.

I rang the hospital after lunch for news of Bill - despite it being a day op we fully expected him to stay in overnight but NO, he was available to collect so I toddled off to Aberdeen & then spent 2 hours waiting for him to be released! End result was that the whole excitement of getting in & back out again ahead of the rush hour was an absolute failure. All in all I spent 4.15 hours out instead of what should have taken a grand max of 1.30 :-(

So no more delights to share tonight, I received another lot of happy mail today, this time destined for the "glue book" so watch this space....


  1. Love how this page has progressed Sally, gorgeous furry friend photo.
    Avril xx

  2. Fabulous pages Sally, lots of depth and interest to them. Glad Bills op didn't take too long but shame about the time it took to get home. Still safe and sound and that's what matters. Take care xxx

  3. Hi Sally

    I hope that Bill has gone on OK .. .. the driving sounds like it was a bit of a nightmare!

    Looks like you are getting on well with your journal pages - certainly lots of work has gone into those. Love all the stamping across the bottom very much.

    The little notebook you received and showed us in the pevious post is stunning. Love it! Lucky you!

    We had summer briefly .. .. but it seems to have reverted back to Apri showers now!

    Have a good week.

    Love Jules xx

  4. Gorgeous page Sally, love the doggy tissue :D Hope that Bill continues to recover well from his op, :D Gay x

  5. Sounds as though all went well with the op, even if not with the travelling to and fro. Love your furry friends page - the paper towel is such a clever addition.

    I know what you mean about China - it wasn't really on my list, and although it was amazing to have the opportunity to go, I don't really feel a burning need to return!
    Alison x

  6. A day late, but had to call in, Your page is fantastic especially as it includes dogs. Hope Bill is recovering.
    Yvonne xx