Friday, 27 January 2017

Destination reached

We travelled for several days through assorted temperatures that went from mild & grey, cold & grey, cold & sunny to a warm & sunny....

We saw swans flying overhead, a fox hunting in a snowy field, deer feeding just off the motorway and wild boar munching something, who knows what...

Hoar frost, fog, sunshine, it was not boring!

On arrival at our chalet there was no need to dig in as there has not yet been much snow (for a change) and the entrance + patio are now cleared of the slight covering and we are ready for guests.

I finished my art journal journey page (Facebook group) where the post was: Fall/ winter/ spring/ summer. Seasons. Create a list of things you love about this season. Technique: rubbing.  Quote: all seasons are beautiful for the person who carries happiness within .

I used some ATCs received in the past that I am fond of, its nice to be able to include some of my favourites here.

My silk spring flowers are outside but they need a touch of sunshine to take a good photo!


  1. It's a great page . . . Very autumnal xx

  2. Its a gorgeous journal spread Sally.
    Glad you arrived safely.
    Yvonne xx

  3. A beautiful two page spread. I always love to see autumn leaves used in artwork and the pages show off those beautiful ATCs really well. Love it.