Sunday, 8 January 2017

An inchie and news of Zoë

Here we are again with a new inchie....where did my week go? Oh yes, I remember now....I spent Thursday evening crying, Friday making phone calls, more of the same yesterday but I managed to put some ink & grief on a journal spread.

For those of you that are not regular visitors please see my previous post....

My brother loved Top Gear (a motoring tv show) and one of the guys is known as The Hamster so this week I'm sharing 2 inchies 

Some of you that have been doing the inchie challenge may remember Zoe & have noticed her absence for the past year. Quite by chance she popped up on my Facebook feed as a possible friend....I checked it was her through messenger & indeed discovered that she is alive & ok but sadly, a grieving widow of 2 months. She asked if any of the inchie girls are on Facebook so I said I'd find out. If you are on please let me know in the comments & I'll pass the info on to her.

And this is my journal spread for J52

  1. Portal

A doorway, gate, or other entrance, especially a large and elaborate one.

Synonyms: Doorway, gateway, entrance, exit, opening.

Prompt: Create a painting that includes a portal. As yourself where it leads. Express what it is you wish to leave behind and what it is you wish to meet as you move through one year and into the next.

Oracle: Explore the idea of doors or portals and ask yourself what they mean to you. What are you leaving behind? What are you moving toward? What is your relationship with uncertainty? What holds you back? What nudges you forward?

I'm heading over to France for a couple of days 


  1. Lovely art creations Sally, I hope it helped when you were making them.
    Have a safe trip to France.
    Yvonne xx

  2. Thank you for explaining the Richard Hammond/Hamster connection, I have been researching after reading some of the other blog posts as I didn't know anything about it (or who he was)...your hamster is cute...I was sorry to read your sad news regarding your brother and am thinking of you...Dixx

  3. Great page Sally, and I love the Top Gear/Hamster page. Hope it helped. Have a safe journey.
    Avril xx

  4. Sorry for your loss. Feelings in the inchies, love them!

  5. Wonderful art Sally, hope it helped making them.
    Have a good trip to France. Enjoy!

  6. Sorry to hear about Zoe's loss. I am not on Facebook though

    Love the inchies and well done for getting the three on one of them

    Love Chrissie xx

  7. Love that you honored your brother with your art. I miss Zoe and have wondered about her. I am also on FB I would love to connect with her. I do pray for her as well.

  8. So sorry for your sadness - your portal certainly reflects how you feel - I thought it very moving - as someone else said I hope it helped you in creating it, your artwork is always gorgeous. I love your two inchies - I'd forgotten about the Top Gear Hamster! Great interpretation. Thoughts are with you Jenny

  9. so sorry to hear about your brother. No words can help your pain - just know that you are in my thoughts. I am also sorry to hear about Zoe - I'm on facebook as Kia Richardson - my icon/avatar is an atc with a pastel-y background and a little girl stamp wth paint brushes in her pocket, if you want to pass that along.

    Hope that making art, even an inchie, can help you a little bit. Great picture of a hamster and an interesting connection - I learn something new every day

  10. So sorry to read about your brother. I hope creating make you feel a bit better.
    Love your inchies.
    Nice to hear from Zoe. I am not at facebook but please say hello to her.