Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Half term

Some visitors from Banchory are here so I have been slower with my art due to lots of eating out!

Art prompts galore:FEBRUARY 12-18 is: BALANCE //SCAVENGER :Orange, violet , a label from a grocery item, something from a restaurant, a list or part of a list, an image of something tropical, acrylic paint stamped with a household object, black ink, something from your stash, a sticker

I went with something tropical from my stash with stickers!

Art journal journey: Image: Toys, word: play, prompt: write from the perspective of a child/pet/ toy, technique: use doodling, quote : it is a happy talent to know how to play Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Well I had no toy images to play with but I did have some cars in my transport file so I went with Big Boyz Toys.....

And here's a chilly scene for you....

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  1. Fantastic pages Sally and I loved your 'Big boys toys'.
    Yvonne xx