Friday, 3 February 2017

Snow & art

Colour me positive : I'm not fat. God gave me airbags because I'm precious 

Under paper & collage of assorted curvaceous images

He certainly did give me airbags....they run in the family!

Documented life: layers

Journal 52:  anticipate 

Inchie Monday is pigs

Art journal journey : love, affection + poetry

Art prompts galore....use dark pink, cream or beige, circles

And as it snowed all weekend...


  1. Cool pages Sally and a lovely inchie as well!

  2. Just been having a catch up Sally, fantastic pages and a super inchie.
    Loved the textiles in your last post.
    Yvonne xx

  3. All of your work is fantastic and the inchie is so much fun

    Love Chrissie xx

  4. Great niche and fabulous journal pages. You have been busy. You can keep the snow.

  5. Love the muddy pig, the snowy scene is just lovely (it is very hot where I am right now!) Dixx

  6. love all the journal pages! Hate the snow! Yuck! LOLI really love that you made a pig with mud around it!

  7. So much fabulous artwork and your muddy Inchie pig is delightful

  8. I love the muddy piggie and I don't mind seeing snow as long as I don't have to shovel it! The "airbags" journal page is hilarious. They run through our DNA as well, but skipped me somehow. Thanks for the giggles. c

  9. Cute little piggy on that inchie. I'm trying to catch up, you produce art faster than I can think!

  10. Yes, airbags or, to put it another way, layers... and I wouldn't be without my layers in crafting terms so... Love your curvaceous women, and the pig is absolutely adorable. Great page spreads and, though it may be inconvenient, the snow does look beautiful. We just had a day of dreary white stuff falling from the sky and vanishing into the wet ground.
    Alison x

  11. Hi Sally, on a catch up and scrolled down - love the 'airbags' page and that little pg is so sweet. Gorgeous snowy photo - we've just had white wet stuff!
    Avril xx