Sunday, 26 March 2017

A week later!

The units have made it back into my workroom- this time I've moved them to a different place on the same wall as before, the paper rack tower is just out of shot on the right.

The desk has was at least third hand! Weighed a ton & had a sheet of melamine covered wood chip over the top. I now have Bill's light oak one because he's ordered a new one for his office.

I was lucky enough to win 6 packs of the new Colorista pens & 4 colouring pads recently- I have put one sheet to good use already!

Life documented: PROMPT: Doodle and use bloom MandalasTECHNIQUE: Play with washes and drips of watercoloursQUOTE:"If we remain afraid and closed off we never know what it feels like to bloom" by Lori Shaefer 

Every inchie Monday: Peacock

Rudolph Day:
Theses were made earlier.....well before the big closedown of the workroom!

I was hoping for a quiet day being Mother's Day but I doubt that I will.

The last carpet was due to be laid last Tuesday but we found a leak....they have deferred!
The boiler was due a service but thanks to a glitch with the readout on the pressure... nothing will be finished until Monday, at least the heating works although Saturday was the warmest day of the year so far!

On Wednesday the wood flooring will be installed but first we have a large teak book case and the base of a mahogany one to be removed from the office, as well as a settle in the conservatory - I need some strong men to come and lend a hand!

All the while I am limping about the house because on Wednesday I saw the physio who seems to have undone all the good work that the osteopath in France did! Apparently the problem with my knee was not entirely a torn tendon, in fact I had a minor displacement of the tibia! So thanks to the treatment at the surgery this past week I now feel as bad as I did in December before going to France! I'm not a happy bunny..... going to have to find myself an osteopath in Aberdeen.

See you all with an update soon!


  1. Hi Sally,
    oh my word you have made such a lot of wonderful cards, and they are all so very super.
    Great designs on them all.
    Thank you for joining the Rudolf Challenge.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L. DT

  2. One step forward and then back a bit with you decorating. The craft room is going to look fabulous.
    I hope you get your back pains sorted and you find a good osteopath.
    It was good to see you are still getting some crafting time, the projects are all fantastic.
    Yvonne xx

  3. Some lovely cards and inchie. Those drawer cupboards look brilliant, hope they sort your knee out asap.

  4. Your workroom looks fabulous and you are being so prolific with your fabulous art, now I hope you can get your knee sorted pdq. Take care xxx

  5. Oh, all that lovely storage...and won't you be so pleased when the work is all finished. Hope you get some relief with your knee very soon...that is a very perky peacock! Dixx

  6. First off, I hope you feel better soon. Hope that you get the home repairs finished soon as well. That is never fun! I love all your works, beautiful as always! Also, THOSE CABINETS! Ohmagosh! I am in love! So if you ever want to get rid of me!!! LOL

  7. Goodness me, you're a busy lady. I was giving myself a pat on the back for making two cards for the Rudolph Challenge and just look at you! Fabulous cards and your craft room looks like it's going to be amazing. I been recently diagnosed with Osteo Arthritis in my knee, so I have every sympathy for you. If I were you, I'd get my feet up in that new craft room ;). Happy crafting, Sandra x

  8. What a pretty collection of cards! You have really been a busy bee :)

  9. Lots of wonders in this post and a beautiful peacock inchie

    Love Chrissie xx

  10. Fabulous work as ever - great looking craftroom - very organised and you do great work in it - love your peacock and sincerely hope the knee gets better - I've just had mine x-rayed as I fell on it on Boxing Day and it's still hurting - I'm hoping it is just bruising still and not something nasty!! Good luck with yours and being so busy too.