Friday, 21 July 2017


  1. Wouldn’t life be sooooo much easier if everyone had that special someone in their life. Someone whose presence made you feel safe, calm, loved and at peace. Your Solace. Someone that loves every part of you, the good, the bad and the weird. Someone who listens with great interest, supports your dreams, treats you like the most important person in their life, respects you, believes in you, showers you with cuddles and loves being with you. Someone who makes you feel special.

Eat glitter for breakfast and shine all day 

This was going to be tough! I'm no glitter babe & glitter is not thick on the ground in the alps in summer, the snow has all melted or the very high patches have lost their sparkle

Some shaving foam backgrounds 

A fortuitous ATC with glitter!

  1. Journal 52

    SPEAK:To utter words or articulate sounds with the ordinary voice. To communicate. To express or make known with the voice. To speak the truth. Synonyms: Communicate, convey, declare, express, say, tell. Prompt: Create a spread in which you tell your own truth/story. Express yourself in words on the page, and use images that express the act of speaking up. Oracle: What needs to be said? What do you want to ‘speak into being’? How can telling your truth help you bring forth what you most desire right now?

Still working with those limitations!

The weekend has arrived & the sun returned so no more art for now but I'll clove with our latest inchie...camel


  1. I thought you were supposed to be on holiday!!! Wow you've been busy again. I absolutely love your first colour me positive - what beautiful words and your dog - which I've seen in another post - gorgeous - there is nothing like the adoration of a dog. Also like the "eat glitter for breakfast" too and all your word projects are so prophetic - always stirs me and makes me think. Was sorry to hear you didn't like camels but you did remind me that I did get spat at by one at a zoo once - otherwise the one I rode was very accommodating! Enjoy your stay and your food - looks like you are!

    1. Oh, I'm on holiday alright lol, I just let the prompts stew in my brain & hope for the best! I have a largish shopper with me that's got my 3 journals, magazine clippings & a pencil case with what I hope I'll need!

  2. You have been busy again, do you fill the car with craft stuff as well as the dog. Lovely inchie and journal pages, I wish I had the discipline to do as much in my journals. I am so behind in my two art courses, I will never manage to catch up.

    1. I have a shopping bag with my 3 journals, assorted magazine clippings & a pencil case- I usually have some precoloured backgrounds in the journals.

  3. Terrific projects and a great camel

    Love Chrissie x

  4. Nobody better than a dog for unconditional love - though I also love the negotiation of entirely conditional love you get with cats! - and the page is beautiful. I love those arched windows. The subtle glitter of the dragonflies is right up my street - I'm not a big glitter woman either - and I just love your words page (singing in my head right now). Great camel too... altogether a post full of delights.
    Alison x

  5. So many colorful pieces I love them! The Camel is great as well!

  6. I am so behind in my two art courses, I will never manage to catch up.