Thursday, 20 July 2017

Life documented

Theme: The road less traveled-traveling through life

Quote: "Wherever you go, go with all your love" Confucius

Prompt: light and dark - creating dimension

Technique: using color in different ways, getting loose - acrylic paint

No paint available so I've one what I can using a ready made background and some lettering....

I'm afraid the colours are rubbish as the light is rubbish today....we are having some rain!

Art journal journey: Image: magnifying glass or binoculars. Word: perspective. Prompt: words you live by or would like to live by. Technique: texture paste. Quote: when you look at a field of dandelions you can see a hundred weeds or a thousand wishes.

And yes, this is the opposite side of the spread!

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  1. Just had a catch up Sally, great art pages, you have been busy.
    Yvonne xx