Monday, 16 April 2018


Our weather has seen a slight improvement so I've been in the garden!

Colour me positive 

Art journal journey 

Image: books. Word: wisdom. Prompt: think of a book you like. Write a brief summary or write about what you like about the book. Technique: incorporate book text. Quote: The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you. B.B. King


 APRIL 9-15: The ties that bind// Pale blue, colour of your choice, person, paint stamped with random object, napkin, thread/yarn/fibre, paint applied with credit card edge, triangles, something from the kitchen, key.

Every inchie Monday

This week we are on the African continent in the top right corner....

Egypt .....pyramids & sphinx, mummies & tomb robbers, endless gods (Seth , Thoth,Horus,Osiris etc) Nefertiti & Tutenkhamun, the nile & its ancient sites, fellucca, Oum Khalsoum the singer, Omar Sharif 

I give you a map, flag & the Sphinx in front of the pyramids.

That's all for now folks....


  1. Fantastic art pages Sally. I really like the quote you used on the second page about 'learning',
    Your inchies look great, I am always in awe of what you find to add to these small pieces of art.
    Yvonne. xx

    1. I confess that I've been raiding my old encyclopaedia for the map/flag most weeks, the rest is down to luck!

  2. Your journaling pages are always interesting, and your inchie presis is such a neat way to "capture" the country. It must be wonderful to get back to gardening after your more extreme seasonal weather over Winter. Dx

  3. Ok, first off that puppy is so ADORABLE! lol I love the saying and the art is awesome! I do also love that you did the Sphinx. I would have loved to do that but it would not work for me in 1 inch!

    1. Ill have to see if I can get Brodie to stay in a bucket when he arrives in a couple of weeks!

  4. The Lewis Carroll quote is so good, made me smile. I really like your book text page too. The Art Prompts Galore challenges must be so difficult, so many things to incorporate into a page. I wonder, do you gather then bits first and then decide what to do or do you start with a page and then add the elements? whichever it is, your results are good. x

  5. Some fabulous art work Sally, love the journals.

  6. Wonderful artjournal pages and great inchies!