Saturday, 10 November 2018


SEPT 24-30 Moon light and shadows//scavenger: Yellow, orange, ink from any source except ink pad, circles, torn paper, “, item from stash, lines, doodles, texture.

OCT 1-7 connections//scavenger: The favourite colour of soumeone you know well, the colour directly across from this on a colour wheel, key, napkins, spirals, clothing tag, funny money, something relating to music, playing card, something geometric.

OCT 8-14 Cats//scavenger colour of your socks, blue a different shade then your socks, something coffee or tea stained, numbers, paint smeared with the card, key, something repetitive, texture, glitter, tissue paper.

OCT 15-21. Music// scavenger: Red, pink, dots, spray Inc/paint, form or piece of form, junk mail, triangles, person, bird, brown paper bag.

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  1. Well you seem to be catching up a little Sally. These journal pages all look great.
    Yvonne xx