Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Almost there

 LD 45

Theme: Using up scraps, paints and fibers you have hoarded!

Prompt: Create a collage of ribbon and paper strips.

Technique: Sew sari ribbon and strips of book paper to a painted background.

Quote: Each day of life is a glorious gift.  -  Craig C. Johnson

I've used some fancy yarns and a doily diecut as my silk scraps get used for boxes & caskets!


  1. Image: matches. Word: Warmth. Journalling prompt: write about fire literal or symbolic. Technique: draw with used matches. Quote: The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.

APG week October 22-28 celebration//green, blue, letters, postage stamp, item of choice, image transfer, something from the kitchen, metal, silhouette,quote.

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  1. Fabulous pages Sally, I was really drawn to the second one and the way you added the matches and the quote.
    Yvonne xx