Saturday, 19 May 2012


My dad suddenly realised the other day that the birthday card he had bought for my nephew was not appropriate! Tim will be turning 13 and not 12, therefore the card Dad had in the drawer was of no use...Call goes out for me to come to the rescue as it is not that easy to get cards in english in the South of France which is where they all live.

So after a rake through the stamp collection I decided to go with some of the ones that came with Creative Stamping issue 3- I went with a zig-zag effect made out of 2 square cards. Heres hoping the young man will approve :-)


  1. I'm sure the young man will love these cards, its so hard to find cards for teenage boys.
    Yvonne x

  2. He is going to love them. I love the the colors and the fun feel each has. I like that you made them with him in mind and the fun colors.