Wednesday, 16 May 2012


So I will try again ... This posting from the iPod is not quite as simple as I thought ! My Blitsy post seems to have joined yesterday's :-( never mind- I'm sure you have all screwed up on occasion ? Please see the previous post for photos!!!!


  1. I've been to see your new embossing folders, look forward to seeing what you make.
    Yes, blogger can take some getting used to.
    Yvonne x

  2. Hi Sally, sometimes I think blogger should be renamed BUGGER.... it plays havoc with all of us at times, but stick with it. If you click on my picture you will also find my blog. One, the Tadden Tatler is no longer!!!! But can't find how to delete the thing!!1 The one you need to look in to is Crafting Miscellany. Looking forward to seeing you there and also keeping up with you too!! Best Wishes Carol x

  3. Sorry Sally I should have said click on my name NOT picture!1oops !!
    Carol x