Wednesday, 26 June 2013


Well as I am a total dinosaur when it comes to computers....I've signed up to bloglovin & I'm seeing most of the blogs that I follow but not all & then I'm getting some that never showed up on blogger!

I'm confused dot com!!!! Am I also supposed to post via bloglovin & if so how? I can see I'm have to spend the rest of the week on Google looking for answers!

If anybody has any advice....I'm all ears :-) 


Lost &


  1. I went with Feedly, but I know Kim S did a lot of advising about Bloglovin - here's the link to her blog: - good luck!

  2. Sally, when you get the answer, I'd love to read it.
    Yvonne , another

  3. Using Google reader you can use settings > import/export to export your google reader list and then import it into some other application.

  4. I just installed the Feedly app on my iPad and you don't need to import anything, just log in with your google account, easy. I like easy.

  5. No need to post via bloglovin', no... in fact I'm not sure that's possible - it's just a "reader". And with luck and a following wind, it seems most of your blogs should continue to turn up on blogger dashboard. There's certainly plenty of debate about it... I think the main thing is that by loading the list to bloglovin' you've got a back-up of your followed blogs JUST IN CASE!!

    There's some very straightforward advice here from the lovely Chris Warner - who's not only a crafter but has a background in IT.

    Hope that helps,
    Alison xx

  6. Sorry...I'm with you Sally...not a clue I'm afraid... another member of the brigade!! :o