Saturday, 2 August 2014

Orange sunshine

Strange title is it not? Well, I thought I'd better post this weeks inchie/twinchie challenge pieces before it was too late....

Orange over at EIM and I've used a pice of packaging from some biscuits, it reminds me of a Cox's Orange Pippin apple

And our twinchie challenge is sunshine again but, oh dear, I seem to no longer have that photo on the iPad! As the said twinchie is in Scotland it will have to await my return to be posted.... What a numptie I am :-(

I've a journal 52 page to create about friendship,as yet no idea what DLP is about but I've got some lovely intense pencils to play with :-D

See you all again soon.....


  1. Fabulous colours, this looks good to eat.
    Yvonne x

  2. Love your inchie and what a great idea to use packaging. Is it wrong that I really want to know what sort of biscuits this came from ?! :)

    1. Marks & Spencer sultana, apple & cinnamon breakfast biscuits is the packaging Lisette

  3. It does look like a Cox's Orange Pippin and I am intrigued about the biscuits too.

  4. Not sure how I missed this! It is adorable. Love the colors in it. great job on recycling lol

  5. Another fabulous orangey make...
    Alison xx