Saturday, 13 June 2015


It's grey & damp outside which is a shame for our Riverfest but it's meant that I can do my Journal 52 page for our latest theme Silly Animal Zoo in amongst all this mess

So let me introduce you to the "toadybear"

He likes to sit on lily pads in secret glades full of stagnant water and when he can, he likes to start the day with a breakfast of honey coated slugs. He usually spends the morning having fun with his friends Trevor the Bengal Tiger & Boo the Boxebra (boxer dog/ zebra cross).

He likes mushrooms & caterpillar stir fry for lunch and after a long siesta when he dreams of his brothers and sisters - they got caught and are currently languishing in a zoo somewhere in Arabia! He usually meets up with some pals and heads to the nearest village for a slap up meal of locust wings, strawberries and rice baked together in a pie.

This is the Boxebra:

And this is Tony Toadybear 


  1. Beautiful work, love your critters and the story! I had stir-fry today, too - I hope there were no caterpillars in it! Hugs, Valerie

  2. Sally I have had a good laugh at those mixed up critters, their food likes would be a bit hard to cater for,. Its a fantastic fun page.
    Yvonne xx