Sunday, 19 July 2015


What a week! We are both a year older in this household & celebrated both occasions with my dad & brother as well as friends.

I've started one journal page, I made the most of the fact that my brother was away from the computer on the dining table - he was getting painterly with the window frames:-)

My inchie /ATC share for this week

Solar power inchie

This reminded me of an electricity reading!

I have been taking pictures of the local preparations for the Tour de France coming through on Wednesday 

This was taken from our moving car as we went to the local railway station last night....a bit blurred!

The primary school at Colmars les Alpes

I'll be back again soon....


  1. Terrific work on the inchie and the ATC

    Love the photographs, We still have blue and yellow bikes and banners everywhere from when they had the Tour of Yorkshire come through our town

    Love Chrissie xx

    1. I remember seeing them when we went to Hull :-)

  2. Oh wow, you'll have Tour de France coming past! Your inchie cracked me up with his toothy grin :D And love the ATC - how d'you make that one? Did you emboss it?

    1. A piece of tin foil takeaway dish! Stuck to card & run through the embossing machine then painted with black ink.

  3. I love both works the inchie is great. And I do love the gears, I agree with Zoe, it looks embossed

  4. I thought of solar energy too - great minds etc. I like the yellow bicycle. Here in Canada, near Toronto, the Pam Am games are going on and at the town where the veledrome is, there are numerous yarn bombed bikes all over the place. Very imaginative and welcoming.

  5. So, you're near Toronto, I have a friend lives in cedar valley :-)

    No yarn bombing here but another friend has a tree that's been bombed!

  6. Your pieces make me think of where I live (AZ). That big old sun never stops making our electricity run day and night LOL! Fun pieces!

  7. Love the solar power inchie Sally and a fantastic ATC.
    Hope you have a good seat to see the Tour, will be watching.
    Yvonne xx

  8. Happy Birthday(s)! Love your solar energy inchie and those fab metallic cogs. That yellow bicycle is so cool - hope you get a good view of the real thing as it goes through!
    Alison xx

  9. Hope you had a great Celebration Sally.
    Great take on the inchies, Love the photos, especially the yellow bike.
    Avril xx

  10. Like your solar power inchie :-) Great photographs!