Monday, 13 July 2015

July 14

It's Bastille day here in France and we have been in our chalet for 5 days! It was a relief to get here as I had to drive the 1084miles myself....and boy is it hot!
It's great to catch up with friends that we've not seen for a year, they all want to know why Bill is going around with his arm in a sling & seem amazed when I say that he's had a new shoulder fitted.

My blog has been quiet & I apologise for not visiting/commenting of late, this has been due to the fact that we had no internet when we got here! I promise I'll be popping over to see all your lovely works as soon as possible.

As its a new week and a new theme noses over at every inchie Monday I'm posting mine here....

And ATC 
Had a fun time thinking this one up!

TFL & I'll visit soon!


  1. Way too cute for a striped nose :) LOL in response to the ATC. Enjoy the celebrations.

  2. Great nose job Sally, looks like you had fun with these pieces.
    Enjoy your time in France.
    Yvonne xx

  3. Wonderful ideas on both of these
    Enjoy your holiday

    Love Chrissie xx

  4. 1084 miles .. .. OMG Sally. I could never do that!

    Thanks for sending the sunshine over. It is just making an appearance and the washing is on the line.

    That nose theme is fun. Love your take on it.

    Enjoy your time away .. .. and don't melt!

    Love Jules xx

  5. Is it your birthday today Sally?

    If so many happy returns and have a fabby day!!

    Love Jules xx

  6. love the zebra, and the nose surgery one, NO THANK YOU! BTDT, lol

  7. Cutest of cute zebras - and great work with the plastic surgery one... the only answer to having somebody carve up my face, whether with a blue pen or a scalpel, is NO!!
    Alison xx