Monday, 4 January 2016


An inchie to start us off...

Our theme this week....Galaxy.

Art Prompt Weekly I've chosen to do in an ATC format and there the subject is words/fonts

Kraft card, assortment of stamps & white embossing powder.

Journal 52's final prompt for 2015 was gratitude 

Distress ink on an acrylic block, then stencilling then handwriting (Uniball 0.1)

And the first one for 2016 is word for the year...seems quite a few of us have chosen this one or a variation of it!

Stencil for the border, numbers & letters, stamps for the background ( the mosaic type square is actually made from small squares of rubber off cuts!)

I have started work on my DLP un-planner but that share will have to wait for another day. In the mean time I thought I'd share some pictures of the local flooding, you may have seen some of the Ballater floods on the national (uk) news.

These first two are taken adjacent to the bridge over the river Dee near Crathes just to the east of Banchory.

This is usually a small "burn" that feeds into the Dee and this is where the ford is!

In this one the river has come up far enough to flood the children's play park. Two of the gift shops have had to close as they were flooded the other day, we are on our third consecutive day of non stop rain and the forecast is for it to continue for another 3/4 days.

We are hoping that Aberfeldie Castle which is beside the queens estate of Balmoral will not get swept away but it's not looking too promising, their footbridge (suspension) across the river has already gone.

Fingers crossed that the water stops soon.....


  1. Brilliant inchie and other art work.
    So much water! Hope it stops soon.

  2. Love the artwork today Sally. I've been watching the flooding on the news - and it would be such a shame if the castle was swept away, but I must admit it's not looking good.
    Stay safe, Avril xx

  3. Wonderful pages and projects Sally. Saw the Castle on TV, it will be such a shame for it to be lost. Hope you are safe from the floods.
    Yvonne xx

  4. Love the inchie and the journal page is beautiful, love all the words written in the curls. We have unprecedented flooding here in the states as well. My yard is a bit flooded now but it always floods when it rains. Prayers going out that this rain all stops very soon

  5. I pray you are safe, Sally? We had serious flooding here a year and a half ago; it was the craziest, scariest thing. Amazing what a little water can do. Love your journal pages and the stars are quite adorable. Thanks for all your kindnesses. Have a brilliant new year! Cheryl

  6. My you have been busy. your Galaxy inchie is lovely. The flooding is just awful - my thoughts go out to you. Hope it stops raining soon.

  7. Projects-wise, I think this is my favourite post of yours ever. I love the textured inchie containing the depths of the universe, and the white varied fonts on the kraft, and those wonderful whirling words of gratitude - all fantastic. So sad to see the pictures of the flooding, though - a reminder of how awful the winter has been for so many people. Glad that you haven't been inundated yourselves.
    Alison xx

  8. Wonderful projects and inchie. Hope yhe water is receding by now. Still raining here on the NE UK coast

    Love Chrissie xx

  9. Great work! Love your shiny inchie galaxy.
    That is a lot of water! In Denmark it's snowing. Thankfully not that much!

  10. Nice pieces. I like the texture in your inchie a lot. I hope the rain has slowed for you by now.