Sunday, 17 January 2016

It's that time.....

My bags are packed & in the car! I'm actually on the road....we decided to head off early wind to the travel forecast and will be laying my head down on a pillow in Northumberland tonight. Tomorrow will see me on the ferry from Hull, an overnight crossing to Zeebrugge in Belgium before more miles - or should that be kilometres, through France as we head to our little chalet for a couple of months.

I managed to put together 3 put of 4 of the journal challenges thanks to having some prepped backgrounds so here they are....

Colour me positive make today so awesome yesterday gets jealous
Stencils over acrylic paints, stamping & a quote that I discovered in a bag of goodies that a friend gave me.

Art prompts galore pockets
Fabric scraps with an overlay of net that has been machined in a grid pattern for the bottom layer, the pocket itself is scraps with an overlay of very fine chiffon (as in the scarf variety!) a couple of brads or represent the rivets :-)

Journal 52 favourite song or song lyrics

Acrylic paint, stencil that has had2 shades of blue sponged through. The lyrics are to a favourite French song from my school days in the French Alps. I remember using the same lyrics 2 years ago when Bill was laid up in hospital & I first started with Journal 52.

My final item is my inchie...a cheat this week as I've cut it out of a housing advert...sofa is the word this week! Actually 2 of them this week as I couldn't decide which one to use and it was only on closer inspection that I realised that they are the same sofa/room and they came from 2 different ads!


  1. Safe travels - hope the snow stays out of your way.

    Love your positivity page, and the pocket is brilliant. How funny that you ended up with the same sofa twice!!
    Alison x

  2. Beautiful pages Sally.
    Have a safe journey.
    Yvonne xx

  3. funny how you picked two of the same sofa - you must really like it! Have a safe journey

  4. love all the work, have a safe trip

  5. Godspeed. Enjoy your sojourn. Very creative feats this week, Sally. Have a brilliant day! Cheryl

  6. Nice pages and inchie. Enjoy your travels!

  7. Great pages and inchie. Have a lovely time in your chalet. ( says she going green)

  8. You are so prolific Sally in what you make with great effects - I need a new sofa, I wonder where the ad is from?
    hugs Brenda xxx