Saturday, 9 January 2016


The weather has turned! We have had SO much rain that I swear my feet must be webbed by now but yesterday we actually see a slight glimmer of sunshine which enabled us to see the snow that had fallen the night before- it was so nice to go out with the dog and not need to have my hood up to keep dry! I'm not sure how long this slight improvement will last but I'll not complain.

I'm full of the cold (again!) so it's the spare room for me & the least when I'm lying there awake I can check stuff on the iPad and not disturb anyone.

Anyway, with all the rubbish weather there has been plenty of time to craft...

DLP have a new format, not yet very sure that I like it, but I'll go with it for's called the un-planner!
Kraft monthly divider with home coloured hole reinforcers/ month to view /prompt: out on a limb / PAC 


Mainly stencils for the background, the "doodled" purple border is a stamp I cut last year and the snake is an image from an adult colouring book.

Art prompts galore: BLUE

ATC - distress inks , stencils, stamps

Journal 52: what will you say yes to in 2016 / alternative what will you say no to?

I went with "yes" and those intentions will be added at my leisure! I'm keeping them private....

Again, stencils have done most of the work!

Someone had been asking about envelopes in a feed on one of the challenge sites & the subject of Tyvek cropped up...I posted photos for them to see what can be done with paint & a heat gun!
The bubbly purple bit is a scrap that has been ironed between layers of baking parchment.

Layered, stitched, wired....this was turned into a brooch!

Painted machine stick embellished, shapes cut & wired, attacked with a heat seriously distressed flower!

The final share for this post is my inchie which won't actually go live until Monday and we are looking at SUN....I COULD REALLY DO WITH SOME!!!


  1. Gosh you have been busy. All fabulous projects, love the broach and the distressed flower. I'll join you with the webbed feet, rain, rain and more rain here.
    Hope you feel better soon.
    Yvonne xx

  2. Looks like you were all so very busy. All your projects are really cool looking. Besides we all at would like to wish you all the best in this new year and a great, super bright muse to crate more wonderful things.

  3. All fantastic Sally and the layered, stitched and wired piece is awesome..

    Great inchie and looks like real sun not that we have seen any for ages here in NE Yorkshire so I can't send you any..would like some rain maybe?

    Love Chrissie xx

  4. Some fabulous work, great inchie. Love the tyvek and sewn pieces.

  5. Some fabulous work, great inchie. Love the tyvek and sewn pieces.

  6. Fun projects. I really like the happy sun that you did for your inchie!

  7. my you have been busy! Hope the sunshine stays. Maybe your lovely bright sunny inchie will help

  8. Wow you have been so busy! I think my favorite thing is the brooch. I love it! I also love the sun, we don't have snow (yet PTL) But I sure could use some of that sun right now!brrrrrr

  9. Yes, Sally, you have been busy - all that stencilling - looks fab.
    Very interested about the Tyvek - I've got a few envelopes, but so far I've used them as mop ups and haven't gone any further - LOVE the brooch and the distressed flower - Stunning.
    Avril xx

  10. Great work. Love your inchie. :)

  11. Oh wow - this post is a complete treasure trove of delights, Sally. Amazing to see what you've been creating - I'm afraid on this showing that I'll be hoping for more rain so that you can continue to play at your craft desk! The distressed flower and the stitched glimmering brooch are simply amazing, and I love the colourful pages and sunny inchie (yes, okay, I'd like some too!). What will I say yes to in 2016 is a great question - and I love the stencilled lettering.
    Alison xx

  12. Came to comment on your lovely sun but am bowled over by your beautiful tyvek broach - thanks for showing what can be done it's stunning - love your inchie too!

  13. What a lot of beautiful things, you have been busy. The brooch and the stitched wire flower are outstanding.