Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Art Prompts

Our latest list to work from for week 33 at art prompts galore:Starts with F / SCAVENGER : Red, Lines, Shapes cut from book pages, Drips of paint or ink, 3 diamonds ,A doodle or zentangle, 2 magazine cut outsA rub on or stickerA cartoon image, Something that starts with Y

I've got red (strawberries/ label / heart / feather 
Shapes cut from book pages house, feather & jigsaw piece
Diamonds in the shape of stencilled pattern & also some drawn ones
A doodled heart
2 magazine cutouts- the cow & the strawberries
Cartoon image. Cow
Stickers alphabet letters 
Something that starts with Y You!

A truly silly page :-D


  1. A great page Sally and such a fab image of the cow - Love it.
    Avril xx

  2. Oh Sally this page has made me have a goof laugh. Its real fun and I just love the expression on the cows face, brilliant.
    Yvonne xx