Sunday, 21 August 2016


It's almost time to pack our bags & head back to Scotland, after 6 weeks of glorious weather it's going to be tough!

We had a cool day on Thursday & a "damp at times" yesterday so I've got some of my journal pages done....

DLP - self portrait 

I managed to find an old ID picture so it got called into service.... Along with a crazy flamingo!

Then this weeks PAC not yet done but the page it will go on is ready and I've done my list 10 (places you would like to have been in the past)

Journal 52: anything goes

Bill just happened to pick up an advertising flyer and when I saw it it reminded me of a book from my early days at the French school in Libya called "la chèvre de Monsieur Seguin" by Alphonse Daudet, a favourite at the time.....

Art prompts galore 
34. Use a napkin //Scavenger: Yellow-something that starts with an R-3 Circles-some torn pieces of patterned paper-an embellishment of some sort-4 pieces from your scrap box-something you recently recieved in the mail-something from a newspaper-some "confetti" or pieces from a paper punch 

The confetti was thrown at me by kids on the floats at the local fete on monday!

Last but not least we have our inchie which this week is Dolphins- these ones have been up to mischief and their noses look a bit too odd for my liking but I've decided to live with it!


  1. Gosh Sally, you seem to have enjoyed your journal day. They are all super, I love the pink flamingo. Have a safe jorney home when the time comes.
    Yvonne xx

  2. Terrific artwork and a very fun inchie with the happy dolphins

    Love Chrissie xx

  3. Wow Sally you made fantastic pieces and pages! Love the self portrait page with the flamingo!
    Have a save trip back home!

  4. Your dolphins look so very happy. I was interested to read that you would have liked to be at Henry's court. I have read just about everything about him (and Hitler). I find it so difficult to follow their thought process and so I feel like I need to learn more. I'm glad you weren't there though since you are very pretty (photo) and Henry would have fallen in love with you and we all know that wouldn't have ended well!

    1. Dining at Henry's court could indeed be risky lol, it's a period that has always fascinated me and I've read many books about that time ( French & Italian courts too) I'm currently enjoying the shardlake series by c J Sansom as well as having devoured 14 books whilst I've been away! Thank god for Kindles as that many books would take up a lot of space!

  5. cute dolphins - their upturned noses make them look happy - nice journal pages

  6. Some fabulous journal pages and love the happy dolphins. We are just back from 9 glorious days in Applecross, the weather for the Highlands was perfect. Have a safe journey home.

  7. love the pink flamingo, not sure why, but I like it lol. The journal page is really cool. so much detail and color! The dolphins are cool even with the shark-type nose

  8. So sorry to have missed so much. It's nice to have a few moments to catch up. I love your perky dolphins, and there's so much colour and fun on all the pages. I hope the weather won't be too depressing in Scotland - safe travels!
    Alison x

  9. Such good stuff, Sally! The best part is seeing where you'd go as a time-traveler--interesting choices--but the flamingo and the lovely art deco ladies are awesome, too. Sending you warmth and sunshine and Godspeed, Cheryl

  10. Read on FB that you are now safely back home, hope the weather isn't too bad at the moment.
    Great journal pages and the pink flamingo is a show stopper.
    Avril xx

  11. Lovely work Sally, always loads to see when you post, I love the photo of you and the flamingo is brill !! The weather is changing, this makes me sad, just love that hot sunshine :D x