Wednesday, 17 August 2016


Journal 52 was a choice between poetry & limericks this week so my best buddy Google provided some inspiration....cheeky inspiration at that because most limericks are!

And I thought I'd share moments from the fête in Colmars 

A large furry friend aged 3!

Valentin the bear....a movie star in his spare time, he was bred in captivity in Texas and loves strawberry flavoured marshmallows!

The woodwork gang are in town this weekend so will be hoping for more pictures and then the holiday will almost be over :-(


  1. Fabulous photos Sally, it looks like everyone was having a super time. Now that page and the limerick, well, could only be described as FUN.
    Yvonne xx

  2. Looks as if you had an amazing time, not so sure about a bear in captivity . I love your limeric, lots of fun LOL x