Tuesday, 27 December 2016


Christmas & Boxing Days have ended....Blogger is still playing silly beggars despite me powering my iPad down then on again so I guess it's delete and reinstall next but in the meantime I'm doing the old cut and paste....

Art prompts galore the final scavenge!

Red, green, wrapping paper (flourish in the top right), gift or clothing tag(label from the new jumper I wore Christmas Day), snowman, glitter or something glittery( snowman stamped with versamark & glitter EP), 3 words associated with Christmas (ho ho ho, merry & bright), food wrapper or label (honeycomb), 1-3 stickers  ( ski-ing santa, parcel mouse, dancing mouse and also 2 sticky labels off the boots I bought whilst in the USA that I'd not yet worn)&  napkin ....there was no room left!

I also completed the cover/ spine of the APG & Journal 52 book. Im amazed at how clean the white leather cover has stayed!

Colour me positive the final prompt: it is Christmas in the heart that puts Christmas in the air .

I chose to do all the things that make me think of Christmas, the background is wrapping paper from around the present from my stepson & daughter in law.

In this one you can see the glitter paper!

See again soon....I'm off to work in the kitchen now!


  1. A fantastic selection of pages Sally. How many prompts will you be following next year?
    Yvonne xx

    1. Plan on continuing with Journal 52, APG, Colour me positive, inchies. I've decided to drop the French one (Positiv Journal) & DLP is not continuing, it is reincarnated as Life Documented and I'm toying with a Facebook group Art Journal Journey (title theft!)

  2. Love the festive colours of your labels page - so cool to see all those tags and labels involved in the creative process. The cover looks fabulous with all those colourful fibres - I can't imagine how you've managed to keep it so pristine though!

    Glad to hear from the comment above that there'll be plenty more creativity in 2017. Don't disappear entirely to Facebook, will you, as I won't be following you there!!
    Wishing you and yours a peaceful 2017.
    Alison x

    1. Have no fear, Im staying here! I'm still cursing Blogger as it keeps shutting down on me when I start to type, tried switching my iPad off & rebooting but no use so I guess it's time to delete the app & the meantime I'm using cut/paste! Happy New Year to you all....