Sunday, 4 December 2016


How on earth did it get to the last month of the year already?

I've been busy this week, not so much on the craft front however but here is what I can share with you...

A few postcards for an upcoming swap,

A decorated Christmas tree!

A colour me positive "new beginnings" page. I chose to die cut the clock the wrong way round in a very vain attempt to make time slow down....

Some versamark ink & shimmering eyeshadow for subtle stamping (Paper Artsy)

Also some DI / stencils.

I got a Christmas card made for the Mainers

And another made for the Californians ...

This shows the shimmer & texture...

I've absolutely no idea what or where 1942 comes into the book hitchhikers guide to the galaxy which is the book that all our inchies have been linked to but I've thought outside the box this week and given you all my husbands birth date! 

It's actually a slightly different colour IRL but with dodgy lighting this is the best that I can get.

More later in the week... Maybe!


  1. You were busy! Fabulous pieces! The x-mas tree looks super as well!

  2. It would be lovely to slow down time - it seems to be going faster!
    Love the Christmas cards, so cute, and your tree looks lovely.
    Avril xx

  3. Love your journal page and cards. Great idea for your inchie as well.

  4. I'm with you on trying to slow time down! Fun cards and I love your idea for 42!

  5. Great journal page and cards Sally. Slowing down time, now theres a thing, if you find the answer I do hope you will share it with us.
    Yvonne xx

  6. I love that you tried to slow down time - wouldn't I love that! What a busy thing you are decorating, making cards and your journal pages and a great format for this week's Inchie - love it all

  7. So much beauty this week. I love the card you made and I love your take on the inchie. Also if putting the clock backwards works please let me know, cuz I will do that to all the clocks here lol

  8. Fantastic posts with lot of great things to admire.

    My birth year is 1942 as well and I never even gave that a thought when I made my inchie :( Great idea for yours

    Love Chrissie xx