Tuesday, 6 December 2016


....a new colour on my hair....sorry, no photos but it's a touch more ash blonde this time around....and I will try to get a decent picture this weekend when I am down in Edinburgh but I hate having my picture taken so no promises. I managed a few more cards today so we are almost done for this year and I have done 2 pages....

Journal 52: sorry/ not sorry

I went to boarding school & later lived in a different country so a lot of time away from my parents.

Art prompts galore: 49. Bling// SCAVENGER: red, foil, 3 die cuts or punch outs, 2 pieces of fiber or fabric, texture paste or gesso through a stencil, acrylic paint, a circle, a tag, words

There's bling, red, foil, die cuts, circles (bling & sequins) all the little trees along the bottom are paper scraps that I have diecut.

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