Saturday, 8 April 2017

Free stuff

I had just the solution for this week's documented journey: PROMPT: Use chalk, colored pencil or markers. TECHNIQUE: Making a bouquet in a vase. QUOTE: April showers bring May flower...

I could use an image from one of the colouring books I won recently...

Up close....there's a sort of glitter on parts....

Journal 52

HORIZON The apparent junction of earth and sky. Range of perception or experience. Something that might be attained (eg. New horizons).Synonyms: Boundary, perspective, scope, border, limit, vista.Prompt: Divide your page so that it has a horizon line. What will you put beneath the horizon? What will you put above it?Oracle: What is within your sphere of influence? How far ahead can you see? What is on your horizon?

For this I went with a free postcard....

And then decided to rescue an early machine embroidery piece from years ago!

Time for colour me positive and I managed to make my spread in the wrong journal but never mind...

No matter how you feel get up, dress up, show up and never give up

Collaged some pictures onto a readymade background 

I won't be getting much done over the next few days though as I'm off to Leith to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary....

Where are we all now....Joe Chamieh is still in Abu Dhabi but sadly suffers from dementia & doesn't even recognise his family, Marsha Fenwick has no doubt left the diplomatic circles, my dad / mum & brother are sadly no longer alive, Rosemary....never married Paul & who knows where she is, Paul Turner is living in Oxfordshire but we are no longer in touch!

See you all again soon...


  1. Beautiful art pages Sally.
    Hope you both have a lovely weekend celebrating your special Anniversary.
    Yvonne xx

  2. Gorgeous colouring in, especially with that golden shimmer, and both your horizon pieces are great. Handy postcard, of course, and wonderful to see that embroidered landscape taking pride of place. Congratulations on the anniversary, and I hope you're celebrating well.
    Alison x