Sunday, 30 April 2017


It's the last day of April! How did that happen? We had the internet man here on Monday to install a new router because our old one kept going offline....the new one was fine for 24 hours and since then it's erratic as all hell! The net result is lots of frustration and a lack of comments from me on your posts...sorry! And blogger the app is still not working needs updating! I have to take a chance every time I use it:-(

Journal 52: wonder

Claim your happy #5

Claim your happy #4


Colour me positive: quote

Life documented colour this case alcohol ink pens & sharpies


And the week's inchie....Bee

Thanks for looking....have a wonderful week!


  1. I really like the flower colour chart. I like all your work but that page looks really great and a good reference page too. I hope you get your internet connection fixed soon, so frustrating. x

  2. I so understand the internet issues! We have them all the time! We are just that little bit to far from the phone box to have fast internet! Heres hoping yours gets better. I love all the colorful works, love the cupcakes and the little bee is adorable!

  3. Lots of great projects and two wonderful inchies

    Love Chrissie xx

  4. Our internet is pretty good but I am having issues with my computer...having to replace the 3 TB internal hard drive with an 480 Gb SSD card to get faster and smoother operation. (I wouldn't normally know the details but it had to be explained in words of half a syllable how a smaller device can give better outcomes and it is because the IHD is mechanical and the new card is not! There, now you know as much as I do...;)
    PS Your art journaling is bright and happy looking and I love the cheerful bee button inchie...Dixx

  5. Some lovely work this week Sally - love your Wonder they look so happy. I must admit I can empathise with your internet issues we're still waiting for fast fibre even though the rest of the village is already connected something to do with being too far from the main box but hopefully it will be sorted this month! Here's hoping yours improves. If it's not the Internet not working then it's the computer itself!! Strange to think that 30 years ago we were quite happy without it!!! But once you have it you can't do without!!! Love all your work especially your little happy busy bee!! 🐝

  6. Some lovely work again Sally, you do seem to manage to do a lot. Hope your internet gets sorted, it is such a nuisance when it doesn't work properly. Love the happy little bee.