Wednesday, 19 April 2017

New pages

Another week into the spring!

Still making slow progress in the sorting of all our stuff but we are getting there...

I have managed to get 2 spreads done in my journals:-)

Art prompts galore 

APRIL 16-22: use cut out letters/words// SCAVENGER: pastel colours, something that you see in the spring, some random bits of text, diamond shapes, stamping with ink in any colour except black, paint , tape (washi, fabric, masking, etc), something from your stash, something you received in the mail

Pastel colours through a diamond stencil over random scraps of text (lightly gessoed) some stamping in lilac with a hand carved diamond stamp, a pastel coloured border received in the mail along with shaving foam marbled sticker waste, pictures of a nest, chicks, foal & baby bunnies which are all things that are seen in spring....

Over at Life documented it's all about using a photo....

Week 16: photos 

This week saw my husband and I celebrating our 40th anniversary so I used a wedding pictures for my journal- sadly my witness is now suffering from severe dementia, we've lost touch with my husband's witness & my parents & brother are all passed away so none of the people who attended the ceremony were able to celebrate with us....but I still have those happy memories ❤️❤️❤️


  1. Two very nice journal pages. I really like your Life Documented page with all the film strips drawing your eye into the photo. The camera images on the background are great too.

  2. Lovely journal pages Sally and we do all need to store out happy memories.
    Yvonne xx

  3. Lovely springtime page - the images you found are great - and it's nice to see the wedding photo, though rather sad to hear of the toll time has taken. Happy you have happy memories!
    Alison x