Monday, 1 January 2018


It's a new day and it's a new year and I have news....despite being a very small group of 8-10 members the Every Inchie Monday group lives on! 

It was a last minute thing but 2 of the girls have decided to take up the challenge and we have a list of countries this year.

Our first is the Netherlands and what this represents for us. Well, that's an interesting one as it is a country that I love to visit but no longer get to as often as I used to. So when this country is mentioned I have multiple thoughts & depending on the context depends what comes to mind so here is a wee insight...

Bicycles, windmills, clogs, delftware, Edam, tulips, licorice, genever gin, Amsterdam, canals, Frisian cows, and then there are the good friends Sheila whom I met in Libya way back in 1961, Henk who was a neighbour here in Scotland & who always referred to his countrymen as "cloggies ", Jan & Toos and  Corrie & George the fun couples we met in our local ski resort about 10-12 years ago, Cora the wife of our tame french Osteopath.... obviously some of these ideas are easier to interpret on an inchie than others and as yet I'm not firmly fixed on what the common thread might be, a flag is easy but not very exciting but might be the answer for one of the more obscure countries on the list, postage stamps might also be an option and then some weeks I might even do several!

For this week I've gone with an old postage stamp from my dad's collection that depicts queen Juliana who was on the throne at the time I met Sheila in Libya and also a button that's been sitting in my stash for a fair few years that is a tulip. This year I'm going to put them in the back of my Colour me positive journal that has some spare space!

We got our challenge for Documented Life on the 30th and I did a quick page for the following prompt: Let the year go - use bits of your stash wild on your first page in your NEW  2018 journal! Technique:  Use your skills to build your page - sew, stick, stamp, stencil.....Quote:  It's time to shine!

We also got the Art Journal Journey one: Image: ladder/stairs. Word ascend. prompt: write about past, present or future goals. Technique: use colour pencils . Quote: nothing worth having is easy- and again I kept it simple

Here's looking forward to seeing some splendid art in the blogs I follow.....happy New Year everyone.


  1. Both your inchies are great, I thought of stamps also, when reading the list...I have just sorted all my stamps and I believe I have stamps for all the countries listed, but as I am determined to draw more this year, I let the thought pass, besides, the stamps are often too large...your journalling is wonderful too, I am determined to start an art journal soon...just need to make one first and that will require a trip to town for suitable paper for the pages...Dx

    1. Di, why not use an old book and give it a new life? There are loads of how o videos on YouTube

  2. Both your inchies are great. I also thought about flags and stamps, but I continue with searching little images that represent the country for me.
    It was very nice to read about all the things that The Netherlands represent to you.

  3. I'm so happy we can continue with the inchies :-) Thank you for participating, I love the idea of using stamps! And as Jolande says, it is really wonderful to read what someone else thoughts are about our litle country :-)

  4. Happy New Year Sally! I am tempted to try the Every Inchie Monday project, looks like fun this year being countries. I liked reading your story about the Netherlands and your inchies are great.

  5. both inchies are cool. I love the detail that old stamps have. I really love the journal pages. So creative

  6. Great inchies and journal, I really must do more journalling this year, and work on the two on line art courses. I did very little last year on those two.. Not enough hours in the day.